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Wsh les gens, comment ça va? pouvez-vous m'aider pour mes programmes s'il vous plait? [email protected]
PasAdam (14)
Do you guys have ideas how I can improve it? I'm really in lack of ideas... Say anything that goes through your head! You can also try to find some bu...
PasAdam (14)
Don't know what to do...
I created this code and I want to improve it. Can someone help me? Thank You! (use the 'a' & 'b' keys to move the square)
PasAdam (14)
conio.h C++
Why #include <conio.h> is not working? And how can I make it work?
PasAdam (14)
this is just a cube that you can control, but i don't know how to improve it
PasAdam (14)
Flash piano ϟ
I created a program to learn piano and I want to make it shorter. Here is it :
PasAdam (14)
faster loading screen
Try to make the loading faster and send your code to: [email protected]
PasAdam (14)
Alternative to getch(); in <conio.h>
this is the error message when you try to add <conio.h> to your code... -------------------------------------------- main.cpp:3:10: fatal error: 'con...