Rayhan Shamly

@Posiedon (22) • Stone Ranch Elementary
Posiedon (22)
Line Dancers
The link is: https://Line-Dancers--Posiedon.repl.co. Go ahead and disrupt their line dance. You can toss them and throw them robots up into the air an...
Posiedon (22)
Ruby Drive
It's like One Drive or Google Drive. Except for it uses Ruby. I hope you like it. Here's the link: https://repl.it/@Posiedon/Ruby-Drive
Posiedon (22)
Computer Glitcher
This website completely glitches your computer and then you have to wait 5 - 10 minutes to restart your computer. Link here: https://Computer-Glitche...
Posiedon (22)
Lucky Trivia
This is basicly trivia with 5 questions. Very simple. https://repl.it/@Posiedon/Trivia
Posiedon (22)
Life Game
Get a life by working playing and eating