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I like to code on Python!
Hack! - Uncover the dark secrets this company holds...
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wow! I really liked this. I hope you win when this is posted into the tournament!

██ Empty ██
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How Did YOU Find
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From extracurricular coding classes.

How to paste?
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Just use Ctrl+C to copy, and Ctrl+V to paste. You can also use Ctrl+X to cut.

Improved DVD logo
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But does it ever hit the corner?

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@Mosrod it was like 10 exclamations!

Is there an actual trophy like in the picture?
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@coderash Good idea!

HTML, CSS Results Not Showing Issue
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@themaka same here

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@Zeune Thanks!

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Banking Simulator
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at the end, it says "gave over" instead of "game over"

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Please help!

[GAME DEMO] Townsend
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@timmy_i_chen ok thanks, and I tried to do a "else" command, but it would not work. Here is the code.

print ("Hello! This is a Fortnite game. You have to choose what to do in certain situations.")
print("Alright. Lets get started.")
var1= raw_input ("What is your name?")
print ("Ok. Hi "+ var1)
var2= raw_input ("Where will you land? Paradise Palms, Fatal Fields, Risky Reels, or Flush Factory? ")
print ("Ok. You landed at"+ var2)
ok= raw_input ("You found a blue tactical shotgun. The problem is, there is a Skull Trooper in front of you trying to get the same gun. Will you run away or go for the gun?")
if "ok"== "go for the gun":
print ("Your common sense overruled your choice. You ran away.")
print ("You ran away. Good choice.")

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@timmy_i_chen ok thanks! how do you add an "if" statement in python 2.7?

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I want to ask the reader a question, but i dont know how

How to add a live view count on HTML
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@kaldisberzins Alright, Thanks! It worked perfectly!

Brute Force Password Cracker
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This is amazing!

Space Invaders
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Are there any other functions other than using the arrows and the space bar?
Also, could you edit it so that you have multiple lives, and don't lose your points the first time you die?