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I like to program shtuff. Mostly HTML5 games using the Phaser 3 framework. Nothing much to see here; Move along now...
A social media platform on replit!
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It's really cool! It's truly nothing fancy though. The interface is also not that appealing. I like the signup page and how simple it is to make an account. Very well done! :)

Bye bye repl.it
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I am not a huge fan of Scratch, but if it's what you want to do, then go for it!

The Game That Has No Name (It rhymes)
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i like bananananananannanas

A simple idle game
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If you take computer studies, computer science, or computer engineering, they teach you a lot of the cooler things you can do with programs. I suggest taking these courses through grade 10, as that's exactlly what I did. It makes creating your own programs and games easy. Those classes even helped me create my own version of "Asteroid". Your still pretty young, but you did a good job!

[ Game ] Anti-Social Mouse
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There's another one :O
This one was hard enough!

🚀 Creating a VueJS app: A tutorial for beginners 👏
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console.log('This is a nice tutorial!');
My first post on repl.it: A quiz on Python
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For your future reference, I would add comments. Comments orgranize your code and make it easier to refer to later. Also, add whitespace so your code isn't as crowded. Also, at the end, you print Your score is 4. It would be more visually appealing if you made it Your score is 4/4.

I made a 🐍Snake AI 💻
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It's a little buggy (you can move back and kill yourself instantly; thus, restarting the game). The frames could probably be increased a little, and maybe the refresh rate of drawing on the canvas as well. The AI is also a little buggy when trying to get to the apples, but it's actually pretty good!

Bye bye repl.it
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@HyperGamerStuds Link your YouTube.

Bye bye repl.it
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@HyperGamerStuds And even if they weren't plagiarized, they are pretty bad.

Bye bye repl.it
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@HyperGamerStuds The files. I can see them

Bye bye repl.it
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@HyperGamerStuds They're also crazzy laggy and have a million bugs on them.

Bye bye repl.it
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@HyperGamerStuds Your emulators are flawed and plagiarized

Bye bye repl.it
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@HyperGamerStuds You can't hack the HTML and node.js straight from the browser. You're obviously a novice.

SortaCraft! [0.62 Alpha]
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It's awesome! It could obviously use a ton of work, but for making it an HTML5 game, it's really well done.

The Story Of Geoff PREVIEW
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Needs a lot of work. Add in some while statements that repeat code if the player provides an illogical answer. For example, you asked for an integer input on line 9, but if the player provides something other than those 2 numbers it should repeat the code and print out a statement that says something like, "That is not an option! What should you do ----> ". This way, it makes the game more user friendly and enjoyable. Also, instead of having a blank line for players to put in answers, you could do something like this example:
answer = input("----> ")
This gives players a friendly input feature that allows them to feel like they are playing a smoothly developed game. Furthermore, you should add the import library of time so you can slow down code execution so it doesn't print out dozens of lines in less than a second:
import time
print("This is an example")
print("I am another line of code!")
The line where is says time.sleep(1), the value inside the brackets is a time in seconds.
You should try doing this to make your game styled better.
Also, try using functions for your battle sequences so that you use a lot less lines of code. It also makes your code easier to understand. Finally, add some whitespace so everything isn't crowded in the code window.
You did a good job with the story, though it could be developed a little more. Good job !

A simple idle game
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Add some sort of animation on the side for every time you click something.

4 languages that can kill themselves
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It's useless...
BUT IT'S TOO GOOD!!!!!!!!!

Colour Thingy
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@CodingCactus Did you buy these domains, or did you host them yourself?

Simple maze-solver.
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That's pretty cool! I'm just not a fan of pygame because of how laggy and annoying to use it can be sometimes; but good job!

C++ Day 6!: Pointers!
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Why would you add:

using namespace std;

if you aren't using the standard namespace for your code. It doesn't seem to make sense.

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Comparison operators include: ==, <, >, >=, <=

Comparison operators are used in conditional statements.

int main() {
  #include <iostream>
  using namespace std;
  int num = 2;
  int num2 = 6;
  if(num >= num2){
    std::cout << true;
    std::cout << false;

This statement means that if variable num is greater than variable num2, execute the character output true. Otherwise, output false;

Calculator With Working Queue and Problem Naming (500 Cycles Special)
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You should make this calculator a bit better by making it have functions for trigonometry. (Sine, Cosine, Tangent). You could also include logerithmic functions for people who would like to use that too.

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@DynamicSquid You sly dog!
I mean squid

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@DynamicSquid Well, you're using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, so technically it's an HTML5 game.

Coronavirus Statistics (Covid-19 Numbers)
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@RohilPatel You don't need divs just because you are using a library. Library or not, it doesn't change the amount of divs necessary. I'm just trying to help you. I've used many libraries, but that doesn't mean you need these divs. You're also being a bit lazy if you don't want to worry about CSS and having the library do it for you.

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It's not too smooth. But it's okay. I'd also add small details to this HTML5 game and change the value in the <title> tag; maybe add some metadata too. Also, try using a framework to add to some of the possibilities with game physics and data. I suggest maybe p5 or Phaser.

🐍 Snake Game! 🎮
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Pygame is a little wacky sometimes. Try using Phaser.js for something like this; maybe try making this into an HTML5 game.

Coronavirus Statistics (Covid-19 Numbers)
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I suggest adding some metatdata. This site is very plain. It needs a bit more styling and you overloaded the site with unnecessary div tags. Try using <span> elements all over in order to make it a lot better for styling vs using a lot of divs. Additonally, it will make your code look better and more discoverable if you do this and remove unecessary whitespace from the attributes. For example, you put:

<h6 id = "country-cases">Select a Country</h6>

Try removing whitespace before and after the attribute. I know this is minor, but the best programmers make sure to do this.