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Guess that now is the time to promote my socials. [ I Blog Here ] https://dev.to/jcowie [ My Github ] https://github.com/Computer-Man497
Repl.it competition

@MrTrex It's a paid plan that gives you several benefits - Check here for more info https://repl.it/site/pricing

Repl.it User Search
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This post was good till the edit

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I just had a seizure

Please help me make this work the second time...
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Sorry, what error are you getting?

my code wont work for some reason help will be appreciated
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Can you:
A - Provide a screenshot of your error
B - Tell us how you got the error
C - Show the expected output
E - What you have already tried
D - A trace table(if you have any)
Then we might be able to help

is it any good? suggestions? can u guys please help to make this game better its a choice...
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  • Use the Getpass module to hide password input
  • Validate user input - I entered "-5" for my age, so it should notice that and not proceed.
NEED Inspiration for Code
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What kinda languages are you wanting to use?

Why is my website showing up with the replit robot saying 'run the repl' on my landing page
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Eh, sometimes it does this - It's a repl.it error and you can't fix it client side, just log out of repl.it, clear your cookies then open repl.it again, I think that should work.

What is the best place to learn NodeJs?
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https://www.tutorialspoint.com/nodejs/index.htm is what I use, it's really easy to follow and has taught me a lot.

hey im choppalover
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Anybody that is good at Programming doesn't say it out loud for people to know, people will make their own mind up. Also, your program has a tonne of errors in it. So in my opinion, you are not really good at programming.

shortest program
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Are we talking about the least amount of lines?

How do you plan your code?
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Wait, you guys plan?

repl mail: Email for repl.it
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Wow! I've come into so many problems when trying to send emails through replit. Nice Job and Thanks for this :)

A Few Git Jokes to make your day
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@mwilki7 Yes! Lol, I've heard so many stories like that XD

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Awesome Job, I made a few edits to the setup/login part of it.

I imported the getpass module so that when the user enters the passcode, it is hidden from the display. Makes it more like an Unix login and more secure if you are sitting next to someone. You can see my version here https://repl.it/@JacksonCowie/WarhawkOS-1

Monthly repls - May 2020

@TheDrone7 Fair point, teachers be lurking on this site

Monthly repls - May 2020

@TheDrone7 Well you must have been a teacher in a past life lol

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@CoolJames1610 Basically, when something happens (i.e-Nasa posts their pic of the day, or when someone you are subscribed to on Youtube posts a video etc...You will get an alert sent to wherever (Email, Phone etc...)

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PyAlert - Kinda like IFTTT but implemented with Python

Monthly repls - May 2020

RIP my Kahooter. You must be an irl teacher.

@mat1 how jou make a robot that repli instantly plse
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@WiRA2008 ohh. Not sure that is possible as a normal user. I'll look back in the Repl API though.

@mat1 how jou make a robot that repli instantly plse
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@WiRA2008 Replies to what? Emails, messages in a discord server? On a website as a chat bot?

@mat1 how jou make a robot that repli instantly plse
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@WiRA2008 Still not too sure what you mean, you're english is (no offense intended) not very good. What do you mean by auto-replier? Like something that replies automatically?

@mat1 how jou make a robot that repli instantly plse
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Well, you don't need just mat to answer that, I'm sure he's a busy man. What do you mean by robot?

html forms
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How are you wanting to process it? You mean like sent to a server for validation or just using Javascript? Or something else

How to solve this
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It would help if you told us what needs done/what the program should do and for the love of god format your post with code brackets

I need some ways to die....
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Toaster in a bath

Ace your online classes with Kahooter!
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@nokaki Great to hear! Not started it yet, working on a super-secret repl.it meta project that has never been seen before on here.