[GAME] Among Us *ALPHA*

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Created on Nov 9, 2020
You are on a ship with other humans. You must complete all tasks, but beware, there is an imposter bent on a killing spree.
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adilskillz1 week ago

didnt coder100 make this?

johnnyfrancis2 weeks ago

I've played among us a long time and i like this one a LOT!

DrHalloween2 weeks ago

pretty cool

adilskillz3 weeks ago


savageking652001 month ago

Nice this is fun but you should add .lower to the epty task so you don't have to type in all caps.but fr this is epic great work ima keep playing this lmao

Wilke0001 month ago


[GAME] Among Us *ALPHA*
[GAME] Among Us *ALPHA*
[GAME] Among Us *ALPHA*
Among Us
[GAME] Among Us *ALPHA*