Taylor T

@TST2024 (12) • The Woodlands Christian Academy
print("Hello World") 15 Year old self taught, Java & Python with a little html!
TST2024 (12)
The Trail 3 Beta! Text Based adventure!
Beta Version - Check back for patch notes, I know the code looks a little jumbled but it is a beta hope you enjoy! PATCH NOTES V 0.5 #Fixed some bugs...
TST2024 (12)
Arora OS Adventure Game!
I have been developing this for a few days now. Please keep in mind this is in Alpha as I call it :) so there will be errors. I am releasing it early...
TST2024 (12)
HTML Global Meme Archive
Started learning html today so don't judge. I wanted to make a website like the website "Know your Meme" This is for a school project by the way. 10...
TST2024 (12)
How do I play sounds through repl.it.
I know how to do this through python on windows but is there any way to play sound through the website?
TST2024 (12)
Who wants to make a game with me!
Please reply to join! Feel free to test things out as well.
TST2024 (12)
A Text based adventure The trail 3
Please keep in mind this is a beta! Hope you enjoy! Leave bug reports in the comments.