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How to use a custom domain
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EDIT: Looks like it just needed som time. It works now

When i paste in my domain, and i know its all correct, repl.it says they can't find the domain, even though i know i have registered the domain correctly. I have also added a CNAME record with this info: tacocode.tk, CNAME, 3600, and the CNAME string. Does anyone know why this doesn't work?

Omni - A Virtual Assistant
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Also, if you type "How are you?" instead of "How are you", then Omni returns an error. The bot (He? She? It?) doesn't like question marks?

Omni - A Virtual Assistant
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Hey mate, found a bug: If you type "what is 1+q" then Omni returns "[object Object]"

Debugging Python with birdseye
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This is awesome! You should add a function debug(url) wich can debug a repl.it repl, url

Ascii Typer
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Great ASCII typer, but...

You could improve the design to use a dictionary instead of manually doing if letter == "some letter":. This would improve code readness, complexity, and file size.
You can just do:

for letter in user:
        for i in len(letters[letter]()):
            output[i] += letters.get(letter)[i]
        print("Invalid caracter '{}'".format(letter))

Where the list letters is something like this:

letters = {
    " " = ['       ', '       ', '       ', '       ', '       ', '       '],
    "!" = ['  ||   ','  ||   ','  ||   ','  \/   ','       ','  []   '],

You can see an example of this here

What is going on?
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@Vandesm14 yea i have here

Your chance to join TestOS2 development!
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I would suggest using the cmd module instead of if else. Right now, the cyclomatic complexity is too high.