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@DynamicSquid the credit for the looks goes to @CosmicEgg and @lilykhan tbh. I only did the html and js.

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@bramley I guess that's one way to praise yourself
I absolutely agree!

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Yes, they're right there in the post! Just click on the images. @IceWolfy1

Weekly Challenge #7

@AmazingMech2418 @DynamicSquid I've updated the post to show complete example. Let me know if I can clarify something else as well.

Weekly Challenge #7

@AmazingMech2418 @DynamicSquid this comes from set theory in maths but a subset is basically a set whose all elements are part of the original set. And the original set here is the array entered by the user.
Basically, it refers to all the arrays that can be formed using the numbers entered by the user in the original array including itself. In any order.

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#WEEKLY Challenge #8
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Repl Search: The best search engine around
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Super Python Operating System
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@17lwinn Nice.

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Congrats winners! Those are some awesome games you guys made.

Weekly Challenge #8

1. Complex numbers are optional.
2. It's up to you but by default I am going to assume it to be ** so you would need to specify if you want me to type in some other format.
3. Only linear and quadratic functions are required. Others can be added for bonus but won't account to your actual score.

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@CoolJames1610 you get a choice to make it public or leave it be.

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@AARIZBOYA Refrain from spamming and also from making comments that are not productive or unrelated to the post. If you have a personal issue with someone, I suggest you take it somewhere else.

Thank you.

OS in html on repl.it!
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@roylatgnail I think you're unaware of the term "Internet OS". Also, they quite literally said it in their post's content. The comments section is for constrictive criticism and feedback or suggestions. Not for hate speech.


You can use any modules from the standard library of the language, just not external modules that don't come built in with the language. @AmazingMech2418

Developer Spotlights - Breloom watches you in your room!

@CodeLongAndPros I'm deleting that comment cuz it feels like you had a stroke while writing that.

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@AmazingMech2418 as I suggested to @DynamicSquid look into the set theory. Subsets are really the very basics and easy to understand.
You consider the original array as a mathematical set, you find out the subsets in which each element appears an even number of times.

Weekly Challenge #7

@DynamicSquid should be fine now.

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@AmazingMech2418 I didn't encounter any redundancy and thus, no points were deducted for it.

#WEEKLY Number 6
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is this a good teaching site for new people who what to start coding
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Well, I definitely wouldn't recommend that but you can do it if you can make the proxy server yourself.

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@ASHTONNAICKER we only require you to share the only social media names which you do have and are comfortable sharing with others. You can still submit here or on twitter.

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@piemadd nice, could you please send us your social media details via discord or email at [email protected] - only the ones that you'd like to be included in the shout-outs

Saving files
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Files in a repl save automatically, if you look beside the file name in the editor, you'll see status like saving or saved.

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@CoolJames1610 we require you to submit videos.
A suggestion in your case would be to record it using a screen recorder such as obs studio (and maybe edit it to suit yourself) and then upload the video somewhere and then share the link to the video.


Keep up the good work and you might just maintain it! @AmazingMech2418

⚡️DEVELOPER SPOTLIGHT #03:⚡️We're flying out a new intern - all the way from India!
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I can confirm that this is more than true. Also the reason I've found out for computer science not being taken seriously is how most parents in India don't value computers. Most of them treat technology like drugs, and moreover, computer science in India is taught only in the last two years, and in those years everyone aspiring to be an engineer here just starts focusing on getting into the IIT(Indian institute of technology) and with it comes the intense competition due to India's large population which makes almost every student put aside their hobbies and focus only on the three subjects that are there in the entrance exams for IIT, that is maths, physics and chemistry. Most of them even forget about the importance of language. And then there's the teachers and the education system which emphasize that technology cannot be put to good use by students and they should stay away from computers and mobile phones. And that's why it's not taken seriously in India.

#WEEKLY Week 5
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