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[UPDATE] Weekly Challenge #19

@CoolJames1610 ah yes, thanks

Monthly repls - August 2020

Please don't treat these like a competition. As I said, there are many more posts worth checking out. These are just my personal favorites.

#WEEKLY Weekly Challenge #18
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PL Jam has Ended

@fuzzyastrocat the language.

PL Jam has Ended

@drsensor good idea, I'll see if I can put together one.


@DynamicSquid the credit for the looks goes to @CosmicEgg and @lilykhan tbh. I only did the html and js.

#WEEKLY Challenge 17
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Programming Language Jam & Grant

@ASTROIDE you can of course practice and plan stuff ahead of time but you cannot actually start making your final submission before that.

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@SystematicError uh, since it's a template, the credits are not something required. Templates are for public use without always giving credit.

However denying that fact is not ok @Ravens0606

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Congrats winners! Those are some awesome games you guys made.

Repl.it competition results!

Yes, they're right there in the post! Just click on the images. @IceWolfy1

Weekly Challenge #7

@AmazingMech2418 @DynamicSquid I've updated the post to show complete example. Let me know if I can clarify something else as well.

Weekly Challenge #7

@AmazingMech2418 @DynamicSquid this comes from set theory in maths but a subset is basically a set whose all elements are part of the original set. And the original set here is the array entered by the user.
Basically, it refers to all the arrays that can be formed using the numbers entered by the user in the original array including itself. In any order.

Repl.it competition

@bramley I guess that's one way to praise yourself
I absolutely agree!

Weekly Challenge #17

@AbhayBhat of course, that's the point.

Weekly Challenge #17

@CodingCactus c'mon, everyone loves math.

{{ template_jam }} results!


Password Vault! #WEEKLY
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Should've stuck with the old CSS.

Coyote - the static scripting language
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Please edit the post to include the usernames of the teammembers.
Thank you.

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@PowerCoder was a temporary mistake that was fixed long ago though.

Øbsidian - The Future of Coding
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Hello there! The jam required you to work as a team of at least 2 members. I see you did work in a team but you have not mentioned your teammates in the post description. Please edit the post to include them and also include a link to the language's source.

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@PowerCoder Teams were out before the jam started. Also, this has always been on the Jam board lol.

#WEEKLY Challenge 9
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Repl.it + Git Tutorial
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Suppose, I already have a github repo and already have a repl too. Now I want to merge the 2, any options for that?

Monthly repls - August 2020

@MarcusWeinberger you just did it for me.

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Hello there! You were required to post a team repl as the submission. But I see no team repl. Might I enquire why you decided to share a personal repl instead?

PL Jam has Ended

@DavidShen2 We do not have an expected time for the results because we want the judges to take their time exploring each submission and not rush things so everyone gets scored fairly.