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@TheDrone7 (665) • Little World School
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Congrats winners! Those are some awesome games you guys made.

What is the objectively best programming language
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There is no "best" programming language. There are too many variables to fill in to get the "best in your opinion", but there is no "best in everything" language.

Ask our new designer @tangert anything!

Will you be adding the ability to create custom themes to the editor? I mean, officially, without having to install extensions.

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This jam had too many good submissions, @katyadee how about a few "Honorable Mentions"??

how do you become a mederator and do you get paid? or is it just a fun thing to do in your free time
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@TaylorLiang I can think of 2 reasons: -
1. Zwack wasn't the community manager then.
2. The community is lenient towards prodigies.

Repl.it + Git Tutorial
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Suppose, I already have a github repo and already have a repl too. Now I want to merge the 2, any options for that?

how do you become a mederator and do you get paid? or is it just a fun thing to do in your free time
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@TaylorLiang there's not really a limit but according to terms of service of many apps such as discord, only people above the age of 13 are allowed to use them.

how do you become a mederator and do you get paid? or is it just a fun thing to do in your free time
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@PDanielY yes it is. According to @21natzil you cannot stay in the server if you don't cooperate with the discord ToS.

how do you become a mederator and do you get paid? or is it just a fun thing to do in your free time
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You were underage @PDanielY I'm surprised they're still letting you use repl.it

⚡️DEVELOPER SPOTLIGHT #03:⚡️We're flying out a new intern - all the way from India!
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I can confirm that this is more than true. Also the reason I've found out for computer science not being taken seriously is how most parents in India don't value computers. Most of them treat technology like drugs, and moreover, computer science in India is taught only in the last two years, and in those years everyone aspiring to be an engineer here just starts focusing on getting into the IIT(Indian institute of technology) and with it comes the intense competition due to India's large population which makes almost every student put aside their hobbies and focus only on the three subjects that are there in the entrance exams for IIT, that is maths, physics and chemistry. Most of them even forget about the importance of language. And then there's the teachers and the education system which emphasize that technology cannot be put to good use by students and they should stay away from computers and mobile phones. And that's why it's not taken seriously in India.

What exactly does "cycles" mean?
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Cycles are repl.it's karma points. In simpler words - they're the total number of upvotes your comments/posts have on repl talk. You also get 5 cycles for best answer to questions in repl talk's ask board. (Mark this is the correct answer and refresh the page to see it in effect)

Identing HUGE chunks of code with shortcuts (SOLVED)
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For indenting multiple lines of text at once, select all the lines you want to indent and press the Tab key on your keyboard.

I need HELP!!
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You should really post more meaningful questions, like what language are you using, where have you seen the append function etc. Remember repl.it is a special platform for many languages not just python so be more specific. Now I'm assuming you're using python and the .append() function is used on list.

Let's suppose you have a list named l which is basically [5, 8, 9]. Just suppose, it can be anything.

Now if you do l.append(7) it becomes [5, 8, 9, 7].

Stuck on 'nohup: redirecting stderr to stdout'
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Sign out, clear your browser's cache and login again and then run it.

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Well the function does return a value but you need to store it inside a variable. Return doesn't log a value in the console. It returns a value that can be stored in a variable for later use.

For example: -
let sum = adder(num1, num2);

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Can I publish my web that I have built on repl.it
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If you have a repl that contains the code, make sure it's public, and the repl.co link that you see in the top right part of the window is where anyone can view you website, If you have your own domain then it can also be set, just click on the small pencil-like button and you should see an option to set your own domain there.

Folder names
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@dalesa the Unnamed folder doesn't have a rename option, it's a special type of folder that keeps your unnamed repls.

How do I code java
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Saving files
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Files in a repl save automatically, if you look beside the file name in the editor, you'll see status like saving or saved.

New to javascript, not understanding the questions from the assignment, help please.
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It just means assigning values to the variables using the assignment operator(= sign).
Assign blah to that just means.

let that;
that = blah;

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An introduction to the repl.it editor
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You can simply have a .env file @Franky1 and store keys in it in the following format


Repl.it will automatically read it and create environment variables from it. And it's also hidden from others visiting your repl so they can view your code while but they won't be able to see any hidden keys you keep in the .env file.

Note that you mustn't use quotes or they will be considered a part of the value. For example, if you do


The value of key1 will be "value1" and not value1.

HTML "blank" issue
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You need to set the target to _blank instead of blank.

Pass a URL in a querystring?
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Yes it is possible, just encode the URL. If you're using JavaScript, there is the built-in encodeUriComponent function. Here's an example: -
let encoded = encodeUriComponent("http://google.co.in"); which will encode the URL to be able to send as a part of the query string in her request. You can later decode it in the same way using the decodeUriComponent function.

Here's how the encoding is done - https://www.w3schools.com/tags/ref_urlencode.asp
You can always use this to build a perfect encoding and decoding function that suits your needs.

JS Assignment 7: Arguments and Parameters
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So I went through what you posted. Firstly, the part where it says DO NOT CHANGE THE NEXT FOUR LINES, you never closed the function named exerciseTwo(), so first add a closing bracket after that }. Nextly while calling the exerciseOne function, you need to pass 2 parameters for it to print something otherwise the values for param1 and param2 will default to undefined. Hope this helps. Let me know if it still doesn't work. Nextly, here are some tips while asking questions, use three backticks ``` to enclose code blocks. Finally, it would be easier if you shared the link to repl itself which would allow us to have a look at the error ourselves.

How to import packages in java
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For that you would need to use build tools such as maven or Gradle. Unfortunately, repl.it doesn't support any of them yet. Hopefully, they might add them in the near future. But till then you won't be able to do it.

Only main.py file is running?
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repl.it by default only runs the main.py file. That is why you may be even unable to run it. If you make other files, you can import them into your main.py file to run them. Or the better option would be to put the code that is to be run simply in the main.py file.

Is JavaScript useful? Should I learn it?
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Unless you're interested in mobile app development, js can do anything for you. For frontend there's regular is, for backend there's node.js

You can make desktop apps using node.js and it's module named electron.
So yeah, it's pretty useful and easy to learn. But again, it's not the best but really easy to get started with. And also gives a quality good enough for production works.

Again, it can't help you make apps for mobile but it also comes with a lot of packages for you to be able to do anything very easily at npm which is the official package manager for node.js

PHP with databases (help)
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I don't think repl.it can do it. I would recommend using node.js or python or similar languages for making the back end.

██ Empty 2 (⚠️warning: this one is super cool) ██
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Unfortunately I wasn't paid anything, those were my true reviews from the bottom of my heart.