Sam Philpot

@Thehappysquid (4) • Skowheagan Area Middle School
I am just a kid who loves programming
Thehappysquid (4)
Have a Rapbattle against a computer!
This was not a group project, and it was programmed on mobile.
Thehappysquid (4)
Gooble: The search engine with opinions
This is gooble, a state of the art search engine. He does not like google. Do not ask about google. Especially don't ask 'tell me more about google'....
Thehappysquid (4)
A simple number game!
All you have to do is guess the number, and you will get information on your guess each time.
Thehappysquid (4)
In this game, you buy things for your business. I will continue updating this game. Made on laptop.
Thehappysquid (4)
Trick your friends into thinking you are a hacker!
I did develop this alone, and I created it by using a loop of numbers in a range of 2, and putting it into an infinite loop. I don't know what it is w...