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Student who programmes for fun. Uses python mainly but also HTML/CSS/JS/PHP and learning C++ to avoid the snake-haters' wrath.
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JS (+HTML) - how to save (leaderboard) data - for music jam!
Hi everyone, I'm making a game for the music jam, called Name That Tune. The code is here. I've made the game itself (although I need to add...
ThomasS1 (56)
How to program MineSweeper in Python! (fully explained in depth tutorial)
How to program MineSweeper in Python Difficulty: fairly easy Welcome to my tutorial on how to program the classic game, MineSweeper, in Python! Befo...
ThomasS1 (56)
Evolution Algorithm For Ciphers
Evolution Algorithm that will Solve almost any Cipher! This is a joint project between me and a friend, @cv88. We've set it up to solve playfair ciph...
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💸 Coin Rush (warning: pretty addictive!) 💸
Welcome fellow Game Jammers! This is my game: Coin Rush. Hope you like it! * Important: two player game!* Coin Rush is a competitive game for two pla...
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~ Knuth's MASTERMIND algorithm in Python (board game)! ~
Hey everyone, Thought I'd share this implementation of Knuth's mastermind algorithm#Five-guess_algorithm) that I made in Python recently. This is abo...
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Name that Tune! Online game for music jam :D
Name That Tune I play the piano and cello, and enjoy composing, so I jumped at the idea of a music jam! This is my (very) last minute submission (2mi...
ThomasS1 (56)
How to program MineSweeper in Python Difficulty: moderate Please note: this tutorial is currently in creation! Welcome to my tutorial on how to pro...