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guess your password
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holy hecc this is so good

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If you look up onworks on google it's pretty much the same thing but better

Quick Game I made
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Need bad ideas
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Yell in public "Fortnite is better than Minecraft"

Brute Force Password Guesser
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Pretty cool program nonetheless.

Beyblade site!
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been such a long time since i've heard of beyblades; brings back good memories

Halloween Challenge (1 day only!) 🎃🎃🎃
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Not spooky but will help you if you're trading candy with friends. https://repl.it/@Tricksyz/Candy-Trade-Helper

A spooktacular adventure!
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This is very interesting! Little hint: it would be a bit more convenient if you added string.lower for those if statements so that they don't have to capitalize every word. For example:

import string # MAKE SURE YOU DO THIS! #

foo = input('Would you like to try this out? [Y/N] >>')
if string.lower(foo) == 'y':
  print('User said yes')
elif string.lower(foo) == 'n':
  print('User said no')
LOG-IN Page for website (GIVE ME NEW IDEAS?!)
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Interesting but can be very easy to crack. Not going to hate on you for that as everyone starts off that way but you should create some security, such as encoding every password in an MD5 and then encoding password input in MD5.

How to use a custom domain
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@Coder100 Since CNAME doesn't support root domains, you will have to change the name in Freenom to www. Then, when you're linking the domain on repl.it, type in www.cma-chat.cf. It should work then.

tab crasher
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website hacking game
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@Navfal Put var money = 38745634 in console; that's what I did.

Login for Python
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I made your login prompt more secure by encrypting your password in an MD5 and making uchoice so that it converts to MD5 and checks if the two hashes are the same. https://repl.it/@Tricksyz/detective-log-in

How to use a custom domain
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@Coder100 what do you mean it doesn't connect? Does the repl not load even with the default URL? Is it not detecting the CNAME record?