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HELP: gets() statement not working in C++
posted to Ask by KeaganLandfried

the gets() function in c++ (template: char gets(char str)) is included in the <cstdio> header. Include that, also what goes in the parenthesis of gets() is the output variable, not the specific location you want. You need to use an if statement to call gets() when the location you want comes up. You also need to declare whatever variable you put in the parenthesis as your output variable.

Illegal instruction error
posted to Ask by UmbraSicaro

@mwilki7 Thats odd, I guess the problem must be on my side, because I still get the error. Thanks anyway.

How to get colored text in terminal (Swift)
posted to Ask by CannoliCoder

Use ANSI escape codes, I use them in my c++ terminal programs. << this is a website that tells you all the internationally supported color codes. For quick reference:
<print statement>: "\033[;31;47m"
"\033" is the escape sequence
the attributes are separated by the semi-colons, with the middle being foreground and the last being background colors. This specific one would make your text black and highlighted white. The "m" tells the program that the escape sequence is done.

Code not running at all
posted to Ask by Qwirrr

@Qwirrr can you send a picture of your files as well (the column on the left of the screen that lists your files)

HELP: gets() statement not working in C++
posted to Ask by KeaganLandfried

@Highwayman The function was depreciated in c++11 and removed in c++14, I think

It's not letting me code in macbook air.
posted to Ask by ZControls_Games

I use a Macbook Air and this does happen to me sometimes. I've found that the best solution is quit the tab (/window) and go back in later.