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Newbie Coder
Unfortunately (14)
Automatic Password Generator
Easy steps to a new password (the hard thing is, it would be hard to remember.(Unless you write it down))
Unfortunately (14)
My 2nd coding, even though its not random. I hope I will learn it soon!
Unfortunately (14)
Waiting Simulator UPGRADE Edition v1.9
It takes 100 seconds for the first upgrade; there are 5 upgrades until endless mode
Unfortunately (14)
Like it? Did you know this is my first coded thing?
Unfortunately (14)
Hey Guys. Got any advice for coding? I'm a newbie at this.
Please let me know in the comments
Unfortunately (14)
Trivia Crack
Don't look at code, it will answer all the questions. If you complete it, you can look at code.
Unfortunately (14)
Delay timer
You can copy this, just read the code.
Unfortunately (14)
Guessing Game.1
Do you think I'm still a newbie coder? Comment below.