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can someone fix this for me (line 10)
posted to Ask by HunterBerg

You can't have spaces in variable names. You can use camel case: mainCourse or snake case: main_course to make it work.

Can someone colab with me? My JavaScript addEventListener method isn't working for some reason...
posted to Ask by ChezCoder

I fixed your code. You need to declare the button (or any element for that matter) before you include the script.js. This is because the script will execute right after you include it, even if all of the elements aren't loaded yet.

Express JS app.get not working
posted to Ask by SamuelWaller

Yes, the express example is different from the fresh template that is inserted to each new express repl. The example is very dated and should be changed. You should propose this update to

how does the site support so many coding languages
posted to Ask by VedanntSarker

It uses a system that generalizes each language's I/O such that it can run on the same interface. This is then brought into more detail as they also have a system called UPM which is a global package manager for all of their languages, allowing you to install any package for any language. It's really clever.

pygame.error: No available video device
posted to Ask by Andrej2003

It seems that is broken for the GFX languages. Report this to

[JS] ES6 Import/Export Syntax Not Working
posted to Ask by Zavexeon

ES6 Imports do not work on

How do I build a basic house in Python Turtle?
posted to Ask by MahmoudAbdelaal

@MahmoudAbdelaal I mean, it's all trial and error. Just keep trying. It's all about what you do.

I can't work out why adding these two ints just gives zero
posted to Ask by Juice99

@Juice99 I found the issue. You need to add x and y into the int(), like this

x = int(x)
y = int(y)
I can't work out why adding these two ints just gives zero
posted to Ask by Juice99

@Juice99 Because you're running a function, which usually returns something. You'd want to print the value of the function like so print(add(1,2)) and make sure that the function is returning the addition return x + y

I can't work out why adding these two ints just gives zero
posted to Ask by Juice99

You are printing x+y, not returning x+y, which is what you want.
So you want: return x + y

posted to Ask by HunterKendall

Does this happen after you run the code or when you're writing the code? I suggest reporting this to

how to create a python package on repl?
posted to Ask by ChezCoder

@ChezCoder Ah. So you want to upload it to pypi. Try this

posted to Ask by VincentJames

<img src="link-to-image"> on ipad
posted to Ask by kennyosele

It's functional. They're in the process of redesigning the site for mobile friendliness so it'll be a lot better soon enough.

I accidentally deleted my AP Exam code!
posted to Ask by SaharshS

@SaharshS I can't really help you then. Their email is dead and they apparently don't have any support for this. @amasad

Give ps4 a app >:c
posted to Ask by AzureScripts

Umm. You could boot Ubuntu or another form of Linux onto the ps4 (don't ask me how) and use it as a normal computer to use but that's all. Do you have a phone? @kognise is making a mobile app for

hi #2
posted to Ask by MajdYousof

In what terms? Like programming in a language? What language? How much do you know of that language?

What is the poetry lock?
posted to Ask by JordanDixon1

It's the dependencies for your modules you have installed. If module A needs to install module B and C, but B and C aren't in your requirements.txt, they will be placed into the poetry.lock file.


Essentially a kind of requirements.txt for your dependencies... or dependencies for your dependencies (modules for your modules)

The Links aren't working in the links.
posted to Ask by KrishnaPatel13

@ash15khng I think /index.html works also (since / points to your root)

How do i make a circled dot
posted to Ask by VincentJames

@VincentJames Yes, very.

posted to Ask by Dart20

@Dart20 I've seen you do this on multiple posts. Please do not demand answers from our helpers. And please do not comment on your own post, unless you absolutely need to.

How do I build a basic house in Python Turtle?
posted to Ask by MahmoudAbdelaal

Do you already know how to use Turtle? Are you asking how to use it specifically or how to create a house? See the image below for a hint
<img src=";s" alt="Image result for simple house drawing"/>

posted to Ask by Dart20

@Dart20 His answer is pretty clear: No (which means no)

posted to Ask by Dart20

You cannot

Can we add a character limit to comments.
posted to Ask by TaylorLiang

I thought they did put character limits on comments. Well, I'd suggest reporting this to
Spam is a really big problem on Repl Talk. Only if we had more moderators (hint hint).

If I answered your question:

Adding a method to an existing object (JS)
posted to Ask by roberttanksley

You need to do userObj.greeting = function() instead.
You cannot push to the object because the object is an object and not an array.

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Is it possible to have embeded into another webpage ?
posted to Ask by RouzbehRahimi

Yes, you can embed a repl. It's under the "Share" button:

Just copy+paste the embed element into your code and then the repl will magically appear right before your eyes!

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What does this error mean: this.value.codegen is not a function
posted to Ask by WilliamPenrod

I think this means that lolcode does not work on, despite them displaying it as a working language.