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How do I add Javascript so it works?
posted to Ask by ValtersHuns

You didn't include any javascript. Start by adding a script.js to your templates folder.

Div text below each other
posted to Ask by yarnegoooris

Which div and which js file?

where is the results tab?
posted to Ask by dimetrius

@dimetrius if @SixBeeps answered your question, be sure to mark his comment as the answer!

how to import file or modules
posted to Ask by chen1968493689

@chen1968493689 Please mark my comment as the answer if I resolved your issue 👍

how to import file or modules
posted to Ask by chen1968493689

@chen1968493689 Can you send me a screenshot of what you see?

Is it possible to make a code that learns words
posted to Ask by HassanRamakis

It is definitely possible. Just store the words to a dictionary:

words = {
  "book": "A bunch of pages stringed together",
  "car": "Drive-y thing",
  "language": "You speak it (or write it)"
print(words["book"]) # -> "A bunch of pages stringed together"
Changing default colours while programming
posted to Ask by Iggymojungle

Custom syntax highlighting is not a feature yet. I suggest posting this to

Where did Nathan go?
posted to Ask by BenOfWillis

@Water_Wizard Then that's your loss. They are going to stay with this format whether you like it or not.

Where did Nathan go?
posted to Ask by BenOfWillis

Nathan is responsible for the weekly newsletters while Amjad, the CEO of, is in charge of the feature update emails.

How do you type letters and they appear as asterisks?
posted to Ask by AlexVasilkovsk1

In HTML right? Use an input element: <input type="password">

posted to Share by Vandesm14

@AtticusKuhn It's botted, but that doesn't matter.

What is the piece of code to bold a piece of text? (HTML)
posted to Ask by yeet1000

Use the <b> tag to bold sections of text:

<b>this is bold</b>
this is not bold
Need features
posted to Ask by TaylorLiang

Office Apps (Docs, Slides, Sheets), Calendar, Contacts, To-Do List
What language is repl-os made in?

Best HTML Clicker Game With Upgrades!! (Grades Clicker)
posted to Share by RohilPatel

This is actually funny. Good job!

conways game of life
posted to Ask by aq193142

@aq193142 Can't you ask your teacher then?

How do you plan your code?
posted to Ask by xolyon

I use Dynalist for larger projects. Once I get a good idea of the structure and plan, I move over to Clickup for the task management (I prefer Clickup over Trello for all of my projects).

what isn't my code outputing what i need it too
posted to Ask by sanjnaR

I don't get it, why are there three inputs? Please comment your code and name your variables accordingly. It's hard to help when the variables are just letters.

Can I download to my computer my programs?
posted to Ask by msordia

Under the three dots menu, you can download the repl as a zip file

Custom 404
posted to Ask by AgastyaSandhuja

Not for HTML repls, but Express/Node repls have this capability.

Folders change
posted to Ask by AdryelDarrk

@AdryelDarrk Please mark my comment as the answer if I resolved your issue 👍

I ran out of Ideas. Tell me what to make
posted to Ask by hg0428

Make a story generator

I am not able to execute cd command using Node.js Child process.Any suggestion
posted to Ask by MohitSood

What error(s) are you getting?

Pandas library on Django
posted to Ask by cldscchttn

You need to add pandas to your requirements.txt (if the file doesn't exist, create it)

Where did Nathan go?
posted to Ask by BenOfWillis

@Water_Wizard Sure thing. He's Amjad, the guy who you seem to hate. Feel free to come back when you learn to respect all people.

posted to Ask by xbox1gamer47

Google is your friend

PYphone OS
posted to Share by PurePanic99

Does this happen to anyone else while using Chrome?
( link)

Is this hackable?
posted to Ask by LetItBe

If the server would be using SQL to store and query the usernames and passwords, a hacker could perform an SQL Injection Attack. Hacking isn't a one size fits all deal, it's a highly complex set of checks and actions to determine server structure and performance. The hacker will take the results from the checks and figure out what actions need to be taken in order to corrupt the server.

Center a code.
posted to Ask by Elizabeth_Mason

@Elizabeth_Mason Then you need to calculate the length of the string, and the width of the terminal (in characters).
Then just subtract the terminal width by the string length set that to your padding value. Then take your padding value and insert padding/2 spaces before the string. Finally, print to console.

not sure what to do
posted to Ask by ellamcs

You have to do

if question1=="finneas" or question1=="billie eilish":