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I am a web developer and server-side engineer (HTML/JS + Nodejs). Creativity is key! Check out my blog:
What do you call people who use
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Replers (Rep-Lers)

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console clear for JS?
posted to Ask by Nanowrimoijk

@Nanowrimoijk I see the problem. does not support a ton of console features in the editor, so for this to actually work you'd have to run it here: (you can also get there via the link which is right on top of the console view.

⛈Brainstorm ⛈What should we code?
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@ReshiramWolfu Two options. I setup a chatting system I've been working on and post it to repl Share (and we can use that) or could setup an IRC server and we can create our own channels!, please do the second one!

What should we code?
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What about a GUI DB editor for I've been meaning to do it, but instead of waiting for me, why not someone else get a head start?

.env file is viewable by anyone
posted to Ask by RossJames

You have to change it from Token.env to just .env. only hides the .env file, not files with the extension, .env

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This is a limit to their linux vm's. They do not provide sudo acces, nor can you install or mess with the root files. This will also show when trying to view the /usr/bin/env as it does not get created (their vm's do not work well with files created though the program or shell)

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How to understand this Javascript?
posted to Ask by zeno99

I have made comments on almost every line of code, explaining what each line does.

// Set slide # to 1
var slideIndex = 1;
// Show the current slide

// Next/previous controls
function plusSlides(n) {
	// Increase the slide index by 1 and show that slide
	showSlides(slideIndex += n);

// Thumbnail image controls
function currentSlide(n) {
	// Show the current slide
	showSlides(slideIndex = n);

// Toggle correct slides
function showSlides(n) {
	var i;

	// All of the slides in the document
	var slides = document.getElementsByClassName("mySlides");

	// All of the slide dots in the document
	var dots = document.getElementsByClassName("demo");

	// All of the slide captions in the document
	var captionText = document.getElementById("caption");

	// If slide # is greater than the total number of slides
	if (n > slides.length) {
		slideIndex = 1

	// If slide # is less than total number of slides
	if (n < 1) {
		slideIndex = slides.length

	// Hide each of the slides
	for (i = 0; i < slides.length; i++) {
		slides[i].style.display = "none";

	// Replace each of the dots with the class "active" with ""
	for (i = 0; i < dots.length; i++) {
		dots[i].className = dots[i].className.replace(" active", "");

	// Set the current slide to display as a block element
	slides[slideIndex - 1].style.display = "block";

	// Set the current slide's respective dot to the "active" class
	dots[slideIndex - 1].className += " active";

	// Set the caption text to the current slide's caption text
	captionText.innerHTML = dots[slideIndex - 1].alt;

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Make multiple Api Requests every 30 Seconds
posted to Ask by lukejamison

Did you already create a .env with xapikey=abc123?
If so, use all caps for the key like so: XAPIKEY

Languages to learn in 2019
posted to Ask by OSMAN_YIGITYIGI

@OSMAN_YIGITYIGI Well, yes. Nodejs IS Javascript, but has more to it. So Javascript should first be understood before Nodejs.

What's your favorite thing about What about your least favorite?
posted to Ask by katyadee

@PaoloAmoroso You can press the top row keys while holding the Search key to press Fn keys: Hold Search + Arrow Left to press F1 or code issue?
posted to Ask by ChristopherBurn

@ChristopherBurn Are you able to use dev tools on the Chromebook? (ex: Inspect Element). If you are, profiling the performance of the site may point out that the Chromebook's don't do well under intensive JS (which would render the output from the python code)

Open GFX menu in new tab?
posted to Ask by KYLEAUSTENSEN

Not yet, but they are working on it!

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Default name challenge
posted to Ask by mkhoi

@mkhoi Yep: LovingJovialOmnipage

Default name challenge
posted to Ask by mkhoi

This is a great idea! I recommend posting this to share instead of ask.

Are there anyone still using *ugh*... LIGHT MODE?
posted to Ask by mkhoi

@amasad If you will make dark mode default, make the entire universe dark mode then. Or at least start with most of the website as dark mode. Just so it's not a jump from a dark editor to a very light repls page.

Which is better: Terraria vs. Minecraft??
posted to Ask by CollinKunsman

It all comes down to this: Would you rather have a huge 3d castle that you can explore, or a tiny 2d castle that doesn't look cool at all?

CSS not linking to html
posted to Ask by RossJames

On line 10, change "id" to "class". The .main looks for an element with the class main, not the id main. If you want to keep the div as an id, change the css to #main

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██ Empty ██
posted to Share by mat1

This game is easily one of the best in the world. It is simple yet there is something more. Something that touches not just our minds, but our souls. It reaches those cracks and crevices in our being which are empty. The game fills those cracks, restoring and rejuvenating our soul and body.

PS: Why isn't this the obvious winner of the Game Jam?

Live Chat
posted to Ask by RossJames

The problem lies with's filesystem, which is not currently reliable for this use. I've tried with my own chatroom, but ditched logs because they kept getting corrupt.

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Return Statement
posted to Ask by abhiraj

@abhiraj No. Your browser's console is equipped with debugging capabilities, which catch return statements. So console.log would work on both.

I need help with getting buttons to going to a page
posted to Ask by _10cps_

Use <a href="">Link Name</a>

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Native Browser Javascript
posted to Ask by rrifat

If you're sure you don't want to use nodejs, you can just fork my reply here:

What is going on?
posted to Ask by TacoCode

Huh. Wierd. I think this is due to the bugs of the console system replit uses. This should be fixed soon. Meanwhile, please report the bug to

Things I didn't edit say they were edited recently
posted to Ask by nathanfendley

@mat1 This is a common bug on replit. They will hopefully get it fixed soon
Note: I have not touched these projects for at least a year, yet replit says otherwise:

Get nodejs to wait for user input to console
posted to Ask by mwilki7

Use readline-sync instead. Readline is asynchronous, meaning it will trigger a function on input instead of trigger an input instance.

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Holodeck Showcase for my Startup Idea
posted to Share by Eruditelijah

This is a really cool idea! I can't wait to see more!

creating a canvas
posted to Ask by Nanowrimoijk

You'd either want to change the id of the canvas html to "canvas" or change the javascript parameter on line 1 from "canvas" to "gamescreen". Also, if you are a beginner, it would be better to change the let statements to var statements.
What that does is allows you to access the variables easier, instead of just on that script link.

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Game Brainstorm
posted to Ask by kaldisberzins

@ryanhcode mine is Shane Vandegrift (a v logo as pfp)

JS Assignment 11: Intro to Objects
posted to Ask by skudeva

The link you provided doesn't work for other people. Can you paste the code into a regular repl instead?

auto run on line complete
posted to Ask by royalgreen50

This sounds like a cool feature. You should post it in