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is the storage of the free repl it plan Enough to make databases?
posted to Ask by potatojs

It should be a good amount of storage for quite a few small projects or a couple of medium projects. The only issue is that repl.it has not yet perfected persistent file storage, so the only reliable way to have a database is to use an external one or use ReplDB which is avallible to explorers.

GET PASS 5 000 000 TO WIN!!!
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This is so low effort that it's disappointing. I've unlisted this post because it's low effort. If you add more code and reply to this comment, I'll be happy to relist it for you

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@R1l3yP Always has been

Give me your problems!
posted to Ask by Zexogon

I swallowed a chunk of ice. Am I gonna die?

How to paste?
posted to Ask by mkhoi

If you're on a PC or Chromebook hit Ctrl + V, if you're on a Mac hit Cmd + V

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Where did Nathan go?
posted to Ask by BenOfWillis

@Water_Wizard Then that's your loss. They are going to stay with this format whether you like it or not.

Where did Nathan go?
posted to Ask by BenOfWillis

Nathan is responsible for the weekly newsletters while Amjad, the CEO of Repl.it, is in charge of the feature update emails.

.env file is viewable by anyone
posted to Ask by RossJames

You have to change it from Token.env to just .env. Repl.it only hides the .env file, not files with the extension, .env

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Dice Roller
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This is pretty cool

I dont know how to make a lobby bot
posted to Ask by RIFTZ

I moved your post to the Ask board for you

The Snake Kings of Repl.IT --- HARDEST GAME EVER!!!
posted to Share by JosephSanthosh

Make the walls collidable. I find that this is challenging to take control of, but it doesn't really have any form of danger like crashing into the other snake or hitting the walls.

What do you call people who use Repl.it?
posted to Ask by Four_Of_Clubs

Replers (Rep-Lers)

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How do I 24/7?
posted to Ask by TheSpeakingLava

You can use https://uptimerobot.com/. Just add an http monitor set to the repl url, 5 min interval, and that's it!

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Which Javascript runtime environment
posted to Ask by dillonjoshua68

Nodejs is a runtime environment. React and Angular are rendering engines and work differently. I prefer not using React or Angular, but if you want a recommendation, try React.

i cant see my forehead
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I'm still worried about the ice cube. I've been sitting on the toilet for hours and nothing that resembles an ice cube has come out yet.

I can not see result tab
posted to Ask by NagendraSingh

@VishnuLol Just click the link I provided in the previous comments

How to add new favorite languages
posted to Ask by bensonj20

I don't think you can do it manually. You just have to make projects in your favorite languages and then the tags will slowly update to your current most used languages:

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How do you plan your code?
posted to Ask by xolyon

I use Dynalist for larger projects. Once I get a good idea of the structure and plan, I move over to Clickup for the task management (I prefer Clickup over Trello for all of my projects).

Where did Nathan go?
posted to Ask by BenOfWillis

@Water_Wizard Sure thing. He's Amjad, the guy who you seem to hate. Feel free to come back when you learn to respect all people.

Is this hackable?
posted to Ask by LetItBe

If the server would be using SQL to store and query the usernames and passwords, a hacker could perform an SQL Injection Attack. Hacking isn't a one size fits all deal, it's a highly complex set of checks and actions to determine server structure and performance. The hacker will take the results from the checks and figure out what actions need to be taken in order to corrupt the server.

Center a code.
posted to Ask by Elizabeth_Mason

@Elizabeth_Mason Then you need to calculate the length of the string, and the width of the terminal (in characters).
Then just subtract the terminal width by the string length set that to your padding value. Then take your padding value and insert padding/2 spaces before the string. Finally, print to console.

[JS] ES6 Import/Export Syntax Not Working
posted to Ask by Zavexeon

ES6 Imports do not work on repl.it

Repl.it on ipad
posted to Ask by kennyosele

It's functional. They're in the process of redesigning the site for mobile friendliness so it'll be a lot better soon enough.

A chaotic generator that makes the funniest (and occasionally cringe) sentences
posted to Share by Centslord

Hey, we've unlisted this for now because it looks fairly low-effort. If you edit the description to add more info and add more to the code, reply to this comment and I’m happy to relist it!

why the programme is not executed
posted to Ask by GHOUSE

You need to use a python with turtle repl instead.

Simple OS: A simple OS!
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@MarkRatcliffe Please don't lie that you "coded in binary". This isn't truly an OS nor is it truly binary (machine) code. All you did was convert a python script into binary (from text) and convert the binary back to text on run. You then just run the code. I will say, I like the idea, but it is false advertising to say that you made an "operating system in binary".

i cant see my forehead
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@TaylorLiang OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH. I've been worried for DAYS, literal DAYS. as a thank you, here's an upvote

Also give me your problems!
posted to Ask by Evanlicious

@Zexogon Yes, and I did it in one line

memes = false;
Also give me your problems!
posted to Ask by Evanlicious

I didn't learn my lesson and swallowed an ice cube again