Will Morrison

@Wilmor21 (76)
Wilmor21 (76)
Mobile App?
What do you think about making a mobile app for repl. There are very few functioning IDE apps that allow you to install packages as well.
Wilmor21 (76)
Repl's competition
In what way is repl better than it's competition (trinket.io is the only I can think of) and in what ways (if any) is it worse? Are you working to imp...
Wilmor21 (76)
What text editor/IDE is the most similar to repl?
It frustrates me to use a different editor and switch back and forth all the time. If I were to find one that shares the most with repl, what would it...
Wilmor21 (76)
Will you ever make repl open source?
It would be great to see what's running this website and allow people to change things.
Wilmor21 (76)
Can someone send me an invite to the discord server
My old discord account was shutdown and I can't find the repl.it discord anywhere. Can someone send a link?