Zekka Nelson

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I'm a backend developer at Dil Mil, a dating site for non-resident Indian people. In my spare time I do programming languages stuff!
Zekka (40)
Hey! How do you use a computer, anyway?
Hey! I've been told I should learn how to use a computer. I was surprised, because I really thought I knew how to use one, but apparently, according t...
Zekka (40)
Animated bats: attack!
Multicolored ASCII bats fly across a night sky emitting noises like "EEK" and "skree!" (You might need to pop this one out for it to fit onscreen! It...
Zekka (40)
A really good chatbot template!!!!
(see it at https://repl.it/@Zekka/ChatbotTemplate ) Hey, look! A little chatbot, just for you!!! (It thinks it's a bat, though.) Go ahead and read...
Zekka (40)
What kind of REPLs have been getting you cycles lately?
Greetings, honorable Replers! Something I've seen on the Discord and off it is a certain fascination with metrics, especially cycles! I like attentio...
Zekka (40)
π in Haskell, but fast this time!!!
Hey! This is a forked version of @AmazingMech2418 's pi calculator. The main difference is that theirs was really, really slow but this one (implemen...
Zekka (40)
NO_BATS: A program to help your friends break the socially undesirable habit of typing 'bat'
Do your friends have a habit of typing the word 'bat'? Do you wish they would just CUT IT OUT? Finally! This helpful typing tutor will watch your fri...