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Motivation... Please give...
Please help me figure out how to do this.
posted to Ask by ArtemPionov

Use elif instead of else. else is a blanket statement, it doesn't check a condition, while elif does.

A few questions
posted to AMA by Vandesm14

I'll answer a little for repl xD

1) repl runs on heroku, though the static part (eg the homepage) is behind Cloudflare and might run on something else.

4) iirc there was a "repl store" mentioned on the discord server, don't know if that's still a thing though.

5) i don't think repl itself will ever be completely open source, but its components are already somewhat open sourced!

2) that was done previously, and was great imo :D

Sorry if I wasn't supposed to answer any of the questions, just felt like I knew a little about a couple of these and could answer them...

Shiritori Word Game (v1.0.0)!!!
posted to Share by IreoluwaRaufu

Errored when pressing enter on difficulty selection... maybe it should default to medium?

Also, I'm of the opinion the game shouldn't exit at the end, so you can see all the stats over time, which is pretty cool :D

[LUA] Is there a way to use lua for databases
posted to Ask by Altarias One of the first few results for Postgres integration with Lua.

But what exactly are you looking for?

Sorry that I didn't really notice what you were looking for on first glance...

How do I use for-each loops to print out only the books with a capital C in them?
posted to Ask by AshtonToland
for (String C: books)

This loop needs to have an if condition to check if C has a "C" in it. Maybe use something like string.indexOf and compare the result to -1?

Is PIL broken?
posted to Ask by genegazer

Don't forget to install Pillow xp


  • Click the weird 3d cube on the left side bar
  • search for "Pillow"
  • click the result that is "Pillow"
  • click the install button
  • now it should work!

You can always specify it in a requirements.txt file, but I find UPM (the package thing) works better for repl.

The reason why repl isn't finding Pillow when you import "PIL" is that they don't have the same name: repl just looks for "PIL" on then gives up. (though it seems PIL does exist? maybe repl removed autodetection?)

What do YOU think of's new homepage?
posted to Announcements by 21natzil

I like it personally, though I do agree with people's criticisms that it has a little too much white space. At the same time, I have not really spent much time looking at it, so take what I say with a grain of salt.

Support for PIL
posted to Ask by Warhawk947

Try installing Pillow.

Theese errors are uncalled for!
posted to Ask by IcarusDown

Make sure you use a "python with turtle" repl, as normal python repls do not have a screen. This is why tkinter is complaining about "no display name and no $DISPLAY environment variable."

Anything else to make it more simple? Or is it the Most simplest program?
posted to Ask by Bookie0

A couple nitpicks (my personal style here, don't mind me):

1) please no space between functions and arguments
2) single quotes look pretty nice vs double quotes.

If you wanted to make it maybe more understandable, I would do something like this:

HELLO_TEXT = 'Hello, dear fellow being!'


That allows for easy edits without someone having to know what print does.

A few questions
posted to AMA by Vandesm14

@Vandesm14 Nah the stream was a really long time ago, as in 2018. They were discussing what they wanted to do with repl, the link is probably somewhere in the announcements channel on discord... But yeah I agree, having a somewhat often stream would definitely be nice :D

NameError on a variable since is not defined
posted to Ask by SHENGZHAO

Right now you have [1:2]\ which isn't actually a thing. Python sees \ and then expects the next line to be a continuation of the current line.

Also, do you maybe mean row_index = "A" (as in a string "A"?).

In GHCi shell, auto-completion with tab key doesn't work.
posted to Ask by codingrg

The repl team probably has not spent as long on the interpreter. Also, does GHCi even let you autocomplete normally?


help to create simple draw
posted to Ask by azizsilva00

You could try looking up how it looks? Are you using something like Python with Turtle, or what?

Is it possible to get this to work?
posted to Ask by NotDotu

No. Sorry, about that. If this was an html repl you could embed a instance of the python repl and then play music in the background, but that's a lot of work for little improvement...

help me with classes
posted to Ask by Firdavs02

1) in Grade's getGrade function, you capitalize Grade instead of using grade.

2) in the class Grade, you use getLetterGrade instead of getGrade.

3) the grades should be strings (e.g. "A")

4) the initializer (factory, whatever it is called) tries to find the variable correct, but can't. Same for several other variables.

There might be more errors, but that's the gist of it.

ENOENT: no such file or directory, open '.env'
posted to Ask by lungera

That may not be possible for all I know. However, you can just use process.env.<VARIABLE NAME>

help me with classes
posted to Ask by Firdavs02

Have you tried going down the list of errors raised and solving each one?

E.g. by removing the third line of, adding another ending curly brace at the end of, etc.

My website (if not all) keeps unloading, how to keep running?
posted to Ask by SUPERMECHM500

1) This happens because repl doesn't keep everything online all the time, after a while of no requests, it turns off your repl
2) You can use something like UpTimeRobot (here known as UTR) to keep your repl online by not letting there be any times where nobody is visiting
3) Even then, your repl will shut down whenever updates things, etc., but it will be better.

result of console.log
posted to Ask by kaitlynnT

x++ returns the previous x, ++x returns the new x.

Both increment so this would work:

let x = 3;
x++; // or ++x;
How do you save it to your computer
posted to Ask by MenaalH

left files menu -> three dots at top right -> download as zip -> extract -> put on usb

open_file_test- repl don't write on my text file
posted to Ask by OfirLiron

What do you mean "nothing happens"? I can see the written file contents, what more do you expect the program to do?

How can l add cycles
posted to Ask by Miner36number2

Well, you should probably make a cool program, post in Share, or maybe make a tutorial about something nice and post in Learn.

Well, you could also answer people's questions here, but that doesn't help get many cycles (believe me, I know xD)

What is the problem with the C# interpreter in Repl?
posted to Ask by BryceHanna

This is probably more suited for but provides what should be a direct connection to the REPL provided by Mono, so that's the most they will probably add.

posted to Ask by LilySakai_Johns

<script src="/<filename_including_directory>"></script> or put all your javascript in aforementioned script tag like this:

alert('Hello there!')
how do I see result intead of conso;e as i need to see turtle?
posted to Ask by aryan2309

you need a "Python (with Turtle)" repl. You can get one here:

How do I can access a file in my computer ...
posted to Ask by rmanez

Upload it:

  • Hit the dots in the file menu
  • "Upload File"

Access it:

  • T02.wav if you don't move it into a folder on the repl, <foldername>/T02.wav if you do.

DISCLAIMER: I'm assuming you want to access it on, please elaborate if that assumption is wrong...

Unable to embed rep.lit
posted to Ask by truelion

@truelion what he means is the repl itself can't be private.

C++ Pointer Memory Question
posted to Ask by cheesehumble

1) pointer operations like that arent very good (in my opinion, though I dont do C++...)
2) C++ structs / objects / whatever in the memory have themselves, then their fields. So you just locate where it is in memory and then add 4 to get the first field.

Dialog or Whiptail for bash?
posted to Ask by Mogekoff

You could try a polygott repl, then install-pkg whiptail and then bash