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A [insert age here] year old who is obsessed with coding and cubing :P
🐶Introduce yourself! 🐶
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Hello I am Aditya Rao! A programmer very bored due to social distancing...

⌨️ HyperTyper: Ultimate Typing Test ⌨️
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totallyLegit100PercentLegitResults = {
    score: 10**10,
    time: -10**10,
    wpm: 10**10,
    acc: 10**10,
    ses_id: '74331198162114765'

const async sendReq() {
  fetch("", {
    method: "POST",
    body: JSON.stringify(totallyLegit100PercentLegitResults)
  }).then(res => console.log(res))

setInterval(sendReq(), 1)
Cool Loading Bar (PYTHON)
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You could use a module called "tqdm"

The way you would use it would be something like:

from tdqm import tdqm

for i in tqdm(range(somevalue)):
   your code
Cool Loading Bar (PYTHON)
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@IreoluwaRaufu Here, I made an example for you to experiment -

feel free to change the vars

Please Stop With Cycle Fanaticism
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@AbhayBhat There is already one (sort of)! (The reason I say 'sort of' is because it runs off an extension.)

First, download the [tamper monkey extension for chrome or this one for mozilla. Then, go to and choose the theme you want. When you select the theme, click on it and it will ask you to download a tampermoney script; do it. Finnaly you go to replit again, it should be that theme./

Corona Virus Simulation
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Nice program. Though, you should use t.speed = 0 [on line 4] to speed it up.

My first code!
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@DJWang What do you mean?

Live COVID-19 Tracker for the USA
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Wait, how did you post a repl that's not yours?

Wildest programming language idea
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@Coder100 The first part, it already exists, JS

Time Timer
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Nano second support?

Terrain Generation
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Nice! This is some what like cellular automaton (Conway's game of life)...

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;calc 42+34

BramJam Game Jam #1!
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Nice! I might try, also your website can be reduced to this (check the url)

Why is there a syntax error?
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Here, try this

variable1 = input('hello! im calculator, please pick your calculation. 1= Addition, 2=Subtraction, 3=Multiplication, 4=division')

value1 = (input("value1= ")
value2 = (input("value2= "))

if variable1 "1": 
  answer1 = value1 + value2

print (answer1)
Repl-Customs!!! (v1)
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Nice! also, when the project is open, my GitHub username is AR-JPEG

Quest - Alpha - A fun RPG game
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The Ultimate Bored Page
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Super Math Dash!
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@Coder100 no I mean the story, bit weird but I like the gameplay

Super Math Dash!
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I don't fully understand how to play.

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@Bookie0 np :)

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Nice! But consider making

  for x in line_something:
    print(x, end='')

in to a function (which would look like):

def slow_print(line):
  for letter in line:
    print(x, end='')

Other than that, good job!

Useless string reverse thing
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@hendryxu OR

print(input("Enter the text: ")[::-1])
Make a drawing
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Nice program but I broke it just by typing in inf in how many sides I wanted :/ Again, other than that, good job :)

👌🎮 AdventureMan2 - The platformer game 🎮👌 [NEW MAP!] [ENEMYES!]
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Very nice, but it is very tough.
Other than that nice platformer.

The Cactapedia (Cactus Encyclopedia)
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@CodingCactus Eh the works 😁

The Cactapedia (Cactus Encyclopedia)
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@CodingCactus same, it ran out now