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Vibe Checker
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@AlexRamirez2 can you make a mobile app continuous vibe checker?

Authenticating users with Auth
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First person makes something cool with this will get a MAJOR shoutout on the next newsletter.

Vibe Checker
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@WorshiperOfElmo I believe in you. Take time to heal your vibe and try again

GreenScale - the Environmental Sharing App
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Someone is going around and defacing the sites. We're investigating now and we think we have information on them. We'll be engaging the FBI cybercrime unit.

Are there anyone still using *ugh*... LIGHT MODE?
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Should we make dark mode default? Upvote for yes, downvote for no

Lowchat: Fast and Secure chatting V2
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Can you add auth to it? Just to protect against spam and it would be cool too

🤖 Eval Discord Robot 🤖
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This is so awesome! Reminds me of this

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getting a blank page
it loaded it just took some time.

@generationXcode it needs some moderation

python chatroom client

@AllAwesome497 thanks for taking care of this!

What should we code?
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I'd love to see more multiplayer game. We played @kaldisberzins game a lot but I'd like to see more games we can play together as a community. If they have social elements like chatting and not just shooting at each other then all the better!

information on outages (web hosting)
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hey @ribbitqueen, ceo here. Sorry about this outage. We'll make sure to expose the status page on more areas.

We could do better but generally speaking static sites, as seen on, has an uptime of 99.86%. So I'm curious other than today, when did you see it go down? Any other unreliability issues we can address?

MMH: Go!
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hey everyone, change of plans: many people are not showing so we're going to do live team matching on discord. Please join here and go to the #mmh channel to find a team

@sanjaykdragon @JackLesher @RAMKUMAR @a5rocks @Yemii @seyal @_binary @Fernandodos @asylturatbek @RohanShah8 @Alexisisthebest @csi21 @ArjunSS1 @StormMcCat @DarshiniBhasker @AmritaDhaliwal @VenkateshRoshan @hoop4life @AlekseiNagaev @JVictor @AdvaitParashar @AhadKhan98 @Nateporsche @MilosAcimovic @JaedenThompson @adityakhanna @loganvalerio131 @Letsmakemake @sukhbeersingh @Andi_Chin @Thomasvan2 @zog1 @Soul7ucker @AmyDk123 @jfpIE16 @JamesOsburn @akrria @dotcomboom @topcatthomas @dnwjn @shaikAfroz @Rayanfer32 @sugarfi @Legendary_PaulP @tamudashe @Mahir12 @RyanCrank @Tru_Dev @cheddar_dog @Bob11 @pieromqwerty @MaxZuev1 @nvarner @Wassu @Fireballme @JackAdee @JacobFenner @MichaelNipper @leson238 @pyelias @bitkoshy @AminYassin @JasonJiang3 @utsav754 @dswithpjinstori @yohanandiamond @TrentM @Jaeman513 @adrianQwest @Rekinator38 @matiasmlforever @PhoebeSmith @SafrazMohamed @Scoder12 @TaylorLiang @RahulDatta @Cdogo @JaredJS7172 @duckmaster @richtan @rachel111916 @TysonShannon @IfeoluwaAdebiy1 @AkshayMathur1 @ChristopherOkor @brotherslife1 @crazytaj @MohdazmiS @oppositethreefo @gauravburjwal @The_cheesychees @52eagle @maddieriddle @bickioocallahan @hakkasuru @pythonb5 @llorencroma @Idadelveloper @Poggers414 @RyanDraskovics @JTD55 @srhrshr @Theskootz @LolzerTheMaster @MaheshMahi @sideswipe @andreeam99 @DevPatel_ @camilonieto @jsabs @OskarPiotrPiotr @JosiahKeeler @_Sniper_Turtle_ @HertegKohar1 @jeffda @AaronPan @AlexBro @GiorgioMessina @rediar @BrrrIce @Ermergesh @edupython2019 @caenietoba @MissMkara @joyalzzy @SHurst @KEVINCHEN40 @mthreealum @bossotron13 @anarghyadas @artemis21 @anishjoni @AngelVC @kakxow @Stephen19 @SimonShine @SeanJFox @EricBishop2 @Weirdo914 @Darknew @seahindeniz @dudeisbrendan01 @dpeek @Stropical @Zavexeon @vityavv @marcalderdelma1 @Nanowrimoijk @PDanielY @Twentyone21 @TheDrone7 @Vandesm14 @Nexuist @ThatSmart @Photonic_S @sapakus @rshetty @anishanne @Lamby777 @mudiaga @SanthoshShan @AsadHumayun @jtoddmatt @fernandocanizo @TNThacker2015 @Rishabh7 @CarlyRaeJepsenS @LukaszZagroba @petevdp @Coder100 @semyers189 @LeonDoesCode @LaurenDou @SarahBolinger1 @anamonteiro1 @generationXcode @TylerBernardo @SamuelWaller @nosyeaj @eimonpakzad @MICCAMP @squarepancakes @vishal1999tk @LucHutton @AdCharity @Amritpalsingh @EthanHorowitz @RohilPatel @stiakov @Tiki720 @kathleenwang @ReubenDollman1 @Perhaps @hcahoon01 @fbarrett12 @pilarv @sagegodspeed @MiroslavIvanov @Tucie @SalocinDotTEN @johann1999 @remarkablemark @doko @BONNIECHIN @fishmael @CydneyWest @ArshSran @JaviYzaguirre @ajitsingh2 @jarviskpotter @1bs @phantoms187 @LaineyLuvs @DaytonaBarnett @MarcSednaoui1 @alexawesome @shirobisharma @JosephBeam @Jobsy @kurrycat2004 @liltaco @dannymcg @hayaodeh @jacksonet00 @Nkosiyaphantsi @nosisky @NachoDev @MrEconomical @MarcSednaoui @sudhirkumarau3 @enyl @StafordTitus @ne0 @WalrusesAwesome @theangryepicbanana @KatieQuigley @ericaphillips @kingmini @kevinxj40 @jlandi @DevPatel28 @sanchezpili6 @KarlFajardo @connellrobert @twyford_student @randomlylelo @yaegerjames @ishhd @Maram95 @sclos121 @TamarPeer @BenjaminUrquhar @YueChen1 @JeremieBornais @SiriyaS @shlvmprynts @ShahraizKhan1 @AlmutwakelHassa @oliverthk @AppleTheBest @KimJohnWu @Aykhan @jam0ra @HugoYang @Zavins @NirvanPanjwani @Jess4Tech @MichaelYu2 @ithinkthisisarc @whatman @SkyyCivil @ripred @noahtired @ivanespiritusantos @AlexanderLe1 @IshitaGoswami @blackpen @hanane84 @SuperiorCharlie @FarleyJones @Oaken @phunanon @vhawk19 @mariachicesar @maddie5225 @MangoMan2 @cekuran @superwhiskers @guidopola @RachelleHu @Grify @ScholliYT@BenjaminNamika1 @justinkhor @Ace_GabrielGabr@LiubovMarisieva @MaxwellRosales @Ace_GabrielGabr @ALowVerus@Neves @andresutton @bcalheira@squilliamFancys @canteventhink @krone @LisaLam1@MrigankPawagi @brianweaverdev @mwilki7 @JamesCrowley@PoTato1 @Hofler @UtkuKaradeniz @Axylos@jonens @meekell @KEVINSERRANO @ManavMalik @flawn @TikkiCui @LakshayCodez@JuliettaRozin1 @silverexploit @MatthewDoan1 @kennyosele

MMH: Go!
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@Grify you just got a team. See the last line in the post.

@BenjaminNamika1 I can probably fit you in. What's your preferred language?

👾We're hosting a Game Jam! 👾
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@pfunk we're on this. Multiplayer is still in beta and we're iterating on it. But let me tell you we plan to make it Multiplayer at heart!!

Game with Pygame
posted to Share by MATHyou

Good job! The slowness might be our fault ( team) because graphics is still in beta and we haven't optimized it yet.

My first code!
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Very cool! It actually reminds me of one the first things I built. I also used turtle but not in Python, in a language called Logo and made something resembling a house. That was in 1993 when I was 6 years old 😬

How Did YOU Find
posted to Ask by PYer

Back in school I was getting interested in learning more programming languages. But I was discouraged because I didn't have a laptop and was always on the move (between home, school, and job) and every time I had an hour to code a little I have to spend most of it installing or troubleshooting compilers, IDEs, libraries, etc.

So I discovered the idea behind -- an instant & portable programming environment for any language I want to learn. I ended up being the one to code it into existence but I might as well have found it if it existed before that.

Severe Lack of Moderation
posted to Share by Zavexeon

Hey guys, sorry about the lack of communication on this from our side. We've grown a lot in the past 2 months -- more than doubled our monthly active users -- and it's been a struggle on all angles.

I'll make sure this gets more love. In the mean time would love some help in the moderation. @Zavexeon I'll make you a moderator. Who else wants to help?

██ Empty ██
posted to Share by mat1

I never thought I'd cry playing a game. But this is different. After being on top of the world with my run button being green I was absolutely shattered. I was heartbroken and in disbelief. I lost all meaning. I was staring into the abyss.

I'm not sure if I'll ever recover but I have a feeling that what Empty takes Empty gives back. I'm holding hope that one day I'll see the deep wisdom and optimism hidden behind the darkness and nihilism on the surface.

Pray for me comrades. Pray for me.

weird bug
posted to Ask by zombieaddictxp

Hey everyone, so sorry about that we pushed a bug earlier today and now it's fixed.

What happened to the newsletters and dev spotlights?
posted to Ask by Vandesm14

@Vandesm14 we've been focused on hiring engineers and getting out key product updates (like Multiplayer and the upcoming UPM and Git) so we -- more specifically I -- had little time to dedicate to hiring a community manager.

One of the challenges we have with hiring a community manager is that you need to have some knowledge in programming and most programmer aren't interested in community manager positions. So one idea we had is to work with some people from our community that could help with this.

@21natzil is helping out with moderation, #BuiltOnReplit, and potentially the newsletter. I'm in talks with other members as well who will help out in different ways. If this works, then it's much better than hiring someone externally because they would have a much better understanding of our community,. Mobile App MVP
posted to Announcements by Kognise

So cool to see React Native used on I was one of the original creators -- open source for the win ✌️

App of the Week #1
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Congrats @AllAwesome497! And congrats @PDanielY and moderators for your first App of the Week.

Google AdSense
posted to Ask by AndrewPaige1

Is that something many of you want to do? We can probably make it easier to do.