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ceo of!
Announcing Basic Language With Graphics (Beta)
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FYI: just updated with clearing functions

EcoCode: Competitive Code Golfing Online
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wow dude this is insane how polished it is!

Amjad is Eminem. There is proof.
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I can neither confirm or deny this. All I can say is Chem le le le ne miah-nuf-niah, ne-nish, ne-ne

Repl Appreciation
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Thank you for being part our community! We're constantly amazed by what all you are building and accomplishing. We're only getting started and together we will make amazing things happen.

It's truly an honor to be serving this lovely community!

Announcing Basic Language With Graphics (Beta)
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@TaylorLiang I learned on Basic and I'm still alive!

Dijkstra was a major grump btw

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tfw you're a boomer and run a forum with zoomers and understand nothing


True Love Scanner
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So sorry about your uncle -- this is a beautiful program to honor them.

The Basics of x86
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@sugarfi this is fantastic. I just gave you the content creator badge -- great work!

Are there anyone still using *ugh*... LIGHT MODE?
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Should we make dark mode default? Upvote for yes, downvote for no

My work for Pi Day ^ ^
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@LizFoster no that's very interesting! That's great to know! You have good teacher.

I was looking for it but I couldn't find it, so I made it. I'm the founder & ceo 😅

Alien Talk
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Hey @IndyCarter welcome! How did you find out about

Authenticating users with Auth
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First person makes something cool with this will get a MAJOR shoutout on the next newsletter.

[UPDATE] repl mail: Email for
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This is so coooool!

Who wants to be my pen pal?

Kick users off (revoke) Multiplayer
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@Grify the first version will be Enterprise only but then we will launch an open-source teams plan.

Kick users off (revoke) Multiplayer
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Hey @KlaviyoEng, welcome to the platform! I'll have someone take a look at that.

And, btw, we're also working on a Teams plan that will have some extra interviewing features that you might like.

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Very talented, @Cailyn99!!

Java Packages Support
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@PDanielY do you want to make a discord bot java template? I will include it in official templates and credit you.

Repl IRC
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@Andi_Chin IRC bloomer 🌸

What should we code?
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I'd love to see more multiplayer game. We played @kaldisberzins game a lot but I'd like to see more games we can play together as a community. If they have social elements like chatting and not just shooting at each other then all the better!

👾We're hosting a Game Jam! 👾
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@pfunk we're on this. Multiplayer is still in beta and we're iterating on it. But let me tell you we plan to make it Multiplayer at heart!!

Minecraft WebGL Project Core
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Multiplayer is coming NEVER due to the fact that it would be almost impossible to get to work perfectly.

@HENRYMARTIN4 can you share what technical limitations exist to make this work? Maybe we, the team, can help with this.

What to expect from in 2020
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Early this year we're focused on performance, reliability, and design polish. You might've noticed some improvements on that front.

The most exciting thing to look forward to with regards to performance is our new snapshot-based filesystem. We're rolling it out as we speak. If you're an explorer you'll already get. Not only git, and other file operations will be more reliable, but we'll also be caching dependencies so they don't have to install every-time the repl wakes up.

We're then going to spend some more time on API. More specifically, an API for IDE plugins, an API for creating/managing repls, and an (official) API for repl talk.

After that, comes the real interesting stuff around the platform. We'll polish up and ship Auth, as well as, plus other things that we can't really talk about right now. Then, we're going to spend some time working and documenting on the " workflow." In other words "what's the recommended way to build and deploy software on our platform," along with a way for doing continuous integration/deployment.

Finally, expect some love to mobile/tablet. Whether it's a native app or something else is TBD.

How Did YOU Find
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Back in school I was getting interested in learning more programming languages. But I was discouraged because I didn't have a laptop and was always on the move (between home, school, and job) and every time I had an hour to code a little I have to spend most of it installing or troubleshooting compilers, IDEs, libraries, etc.

So I discovered the idea behind -- an instant & portable programming environment for any language I want to learn. I ended up being the one to code it into existence but I might as well have found it if it existed before that.

Over half of my files just disappeared.
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@TamingTheTech terribly sorry -- this is incredibly important for us and we'll make sure we fix it.

Meanwhile, I can possibly restore your files. Do you remember what are the name of the files?

██ Empty ██
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I never thought I'd cry playing a game. But this is different. After being on top of the world with my run button being green I was absolutely shattered. I was heartbroken and in disbelief. I lost all meaning. I was staring into the abyss.

I'm not sure if I'll ever recover but I have a feeling that what Empty takes Empty gives back. I'm holding hope that one day I'll see the deep wisdom and optimism hidden behind the darkness and nihilism on the surface.

Pray for me comrades. Pray for me. Mobile App MVP
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So cool to see React Native used on I was one of the original creators -- open source for the win ✌️

Vibe Checker
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@WorshiperOfElmo I believe in you. Take time to heal your vibe and try again