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What happened to the newsletters and dev spotlights?
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@Vandesm14 we've been focused on hiring engineers and getting out key product updates (like Multiplayer and the upcoming UPM and Git) so we -- more specifically I -- had little time to dedicate to hiring a community manager.

One of the challenges we have with hiring a community manager is that you need to have some knowledge in programming and most programmer aren't interested in community manager positions. So one idea we had is to work with some people from our community that could help with this.

@21natzil is helping out with moderation, #BuiltOnReplit, and potentially the newsletter. I'm in talks with other members as well who will help out in different ways. If this works, then it's much better than hiring someone externally because they would have a much better understanding of our community,.

Are there anyone still using *ugh*... LIGHT MODE?
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Should we make dark mode default? Upvote for yes, downvote for no

What should we code?
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I'd love to see more multiplayer game. We played @kaldisberzins game a lot but I'd like to see more games we can play together as a community. If they have social elements like chatting and not just shooting at each other then all the better!

👾We're hosting a Game Jam! 👾
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@pfunk we're on this. Multiplayer is still in beta and we're iterating on it. But let me tell you we plan to make it Multiplayer at heart!!

How Did YOU Find
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Back in school I was getting interested in learning more programming languages. But I was discouraged because I didn't have a laptop and was always on the move (between home, school, and job) and every time I had an hour to code a little I have to spend most of it installing or troubleshooting compilers, IDEs, libraries, etc.

So I discovered the idea behind -- an instant & portable programming environment for any language I want to learn. I ended up being the one to code it into existence but I might as well have found it if it existed before that.

📦Bundle Repl: Use Node.js repls in your html 📦
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@Kognise yes it's super fast now. It caches on GCS

so exactly how popular is
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As others said, it's pretty huge. Repl Talk is somewhat new/experimental part of the product that we're still trying to figure out how it fits with the rest of the site.

██ Empty ██
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I never thought I'd cry playing a game. But this is different. After being on top of the world with my run button being green I was absolutely shattered. I was heartbroken and in disbelief. I lost all meaning. I was staring into the abyss.

I'm not sure if I'll ever recover but I have a feeling that what Empty takes Empty gives back. I'm holding hope that one day I'll see the deep wisdom and optimism hidden behind the darkness and nihilism on the surface.

Pray for me comrades. Pray for me. Mobile App MVP
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So cool to see React Native used on I was one of the original creators -- open source for the win ✌️

Is there a way to report repls?
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We took this down and many many others. We're also building better tools for moderation and detection. Thanks!

Destroyer of Crapcoins
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Love it!'s birthday?
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I started working on the concept behind in 2009/2010 and released the first version on Hackernews in September 2011. It did really well but then I got a job at Codecademy doing a similar thing so I stopped working on it. In April 2016 we picked it up again and made it better and rereleased it.

I guess the technical birthday is when we incorporated the company, April 15, 2016.

👋✨Introduce yourself 🎉😀
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I'll start: my name is Amjad Masad and I'm CEO at I love programming, and I come to work every day to make it easy for everyone to learn how to code and to build awesome apps and programs.

I also code for fun and you could find me posting some of my programs here on this forum.

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Hey @rediar, that's correct. Public repls default to MIT as per our docs

If users want to use custom open source license we can look into allowing that.

Announcing Universal Package Manager
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@wg4568 that's a good idea. People have suggested in the past. Will do.

(Question for staff or mods) How hard would it be to add community generated syntax highlighting?
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So here is the deal: This summer we're dedicating a big portion of our energy to opening up the platform for various kinds of contributions:

  1. APIs: Both on the code execution side and the repl creation and multiplayer sides.
  2. Plugins: Allow users to build IDE plugins.
  3. IDE Theming: Allow people to create different themes for the IDE and syntax highlighting. n
  4. Open source: We're open sourcing a big part of our language toolchain so that anyone can improve or add on our interpreter/compiler support.

It's going to be lit.

how do I add a link on html,css,and js
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<a href="pageName.html>link text</a> where pageName.html is an html file you created.

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This is fantastic and it's so cool that's a collaboration.

👊 Live PewDiePie sub count 👊
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BUT can it do THIS? 💺🛏️💺

Wikigoogler (Question Answering Bot)
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It thinks the current president is Obama :D

👋✨Introduce yourself 🎉😀
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@CyanCoding Camden, that's an inspiring story from the undisputed champ on

I'm looking forward to your next novel 😅

DOOM (1993) on (yes, really)
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This is awesome! It looks like spacebar is not working. Any other way to open the door?

Spaceweight Calculator
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I banned the haters. This is awesome! Good job.

Inquiry: Banned for abuse
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Hey there, we're investigating. Typically, this is related to phishing or crypto mining attempts.

How do you pronounce
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We say Rep-lit and Repl for short sometimes

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@TheDrone7 App of the Week is not about new stuff, it's about things that are deployed and people are using. We look at traffic and how people are using it.

If you make something that people are using we'll highlight it, regardless of how new or old is it.

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Would this be useful for people to add?