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New design -- pog or cringe?
What do you guys think of design update? Here is what it looks like but you can easily open a new repl to see it. ![Screen Shot 2020-08-04 at 8.40.2...
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Wildest programming language idea
What is your wildest programming language idea? This could be fun (silly) ideas or really cool and useful ones. Go! Also on le twatter: https://twit...
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I just created this Haskell with Cabal template. Cabal is a Haskell package manager that lets you install packages. Check it out ![cabal](https://tem...
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What does REPL stand for?
Wrong answers only. Also asked here
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The fastest React.js Starter Template in the world
If you've ever used React.js on you probably know how painful it is -- it is slow to start up and the filewatching-updating cycle makes it bug...
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New in Basic: Sound, high resolution, and clean syntax
We're approaching 1.0 for Basic so I wanted to do a big final push before I lock the features and start focusing on fixes and performance enhancements...
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Announcing Basic Language With Graphics (Beta)
Hey everyone! I've been working on a classic [BASIC]( language inspired by Microsoft Atari Basic. It comes with a...
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Help with Canvas-based Basic display
I'm trying to upgrade the Basic Display to allow higher resolution graphics. I just introduced a new display command that allows us to incre...
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👋✨Introduce yourself 🎉😀
Hello everyone! Let's use this thread to get to know each other. Just say hi and a few words about who you are, maybe what are you building or learnin...
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Configuring GitHub repos to run on and contributing back
You might have noticed that it's now possible to import your GitHub repos into repls. If you haven't yet, consider connecting your GitHub account to r...
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Conway's Game of Life (RIP)
The mathematical genius, John Conway, behind Conway's Game of Life just passed away. So I wrote this Conway's Game of Life in Basic as homage.
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New and improved Multiplayer launching Thursday 8/29
Update: TIS OUT ![shpng]( Hey everyone, As many...
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Animated @CodingCactus PFP
I asked @CodingCactus to animate his PFP in Basic but Basic didn't have the right APIs to do this -- now it does! This is a fork of his original post...
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MMH: Go!
Hey everyone, UPDATE: lots of people are not showing up. Feel free to create new teams with people that are online. Or go to #mmh on
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Banned abuser
You all may have seen that someone has been going around posting unsavory content (to say the least) to various apps and challenge entries. With the...
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Click around!
I just added click handling to Basic. Check out this fun program.
amasad (2479) GFX Public Beta: Build Games and GUI Apps
Hello everyone, We've spent months researching methods to implement a cross-platform and cross-language graphics engine in With our Explorer...
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Hashtag for Twitter #ReplGang?
I've been noticing many of you are appearing on the tweeters and was thinking maybe we have a hashtag for our community. Do you have suggestions? I'l...
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Announcing Universal Package Manager
Open-source has revolutionized software development -- it wouldn't be an overstatement to say that it's been the most significant productivity win for...
amasad (2479) Community Year In Review
It's been an awesome year for our community! I had some fun looking at the data and reflecting on our community, and I'd like to share some of the stu...
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Redirect to https in Node.js
If you want to make sure your replit site only serves https you can use this middleware.
amasad (2479) one click database
This is super cool. It lets you provision a database in one click and they even have examples. I think many of you use but this...
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Java Packages Support
You can now install and use any Maven package in your Java repl. It's pretty sweet. Check out this app that crawls the web for interesting twitter thr...
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📕Language Learning Club 🤓
Henlo frens, We're planning on starting a programming language learning club where we pick a language and a book (ideally with lots of exercises) and...
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Audio in Node.js [explorer]
See [this post]( for the announcement and reminder that you have to be an explorer t...
amasad (2479) Discord Bot
UPDATE: Use this template it's a much better discord bot template than the ones below:
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Experiencing difficulties
Hey everyone, we're experiencing some infrastructure difficulties. Specifically around loading repls. You might still be able to load your repl. Earl...
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Framebook: The Social Network for Iframes
I was inspired by the ["Crude, Vulgar, Really Should Be Condemned 'Social Media' site"](
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90s LIVE CHAT!! JOIN NOW source code:
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Hiring a Coding Interface Designer
Hey everyone, we're hiring our first designer (outside of @hayaodeh, our cofounder) and we're looking for someone who can both code and design. If you...