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Hi, I'm Anish, And I Do Dev! https://anishdoes.dev
New design -- pog or cringe?
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Could we get the option to hide the live viewing thing.

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The idea that I was mat. @StudentFires

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LOL. Did you get that from the ReplDex server? @StudentFires

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Repl.it corporate accounts? Jeez. @StudentFires

Repl DB
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Makes sense @ApoorvSingal

Repl DB
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wow. What took longer? Writing the post or the project?

Password Generator
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You should probably limit the length of the password. Entering 10 9's or so will make it take an insanely long time to generate.

Bored ... Give me ideas
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If you could provide us a list of languages you know and how well you know them, that would aid us in the process of helping you find an idea.

Python: 10/10
Node.js: 7/10

Over half of my files just disappeared.
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@TamingTheTech In the future, I would recommend using repl.it github integration feature and to regularly push to github.

Repl.it Auth with Express.js (Node.js + Express)
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@Geocube101 Take a look at this post by @mat1, https://repl.it/talk/learn/Authenticating-users-with-Replit-Auth/23460. It is for python + flask but you should be able to convert it to node.js+express, if not you can always ask for help in the community.