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I wanna take a stab at making a program like this.

Rock, Paper, Scissors: HTML edition
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@singularityv3: yeah, i guess on the first few I had gotten a lucky streak where it only chose scissors

Rock, Paper, Scissors: HTML edition
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At first I thought it was easy because it seemed to always pick scissors, but then it started picking the other two.

Python Turtle Maze
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It's a bit easy due to the small size of the maze.

edit: nvm found out I can change the grid size

Q.U.I.V.E.R Character File Creator
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@haya: whai thank ya

Addicting Game
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Your attempt failed! I'm on a school computer!

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I think this person did not realize that you have to actually paste the link into the psot...

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Story feels a bit drawn out and cliche, and there are a few spelling errors, but the mechanics are good(ish).

ZMAIL: A replica of gmail.
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@haya: same, it immediately errors out. here's the error I got:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "python", line 47
sndr = username + ‘’
SyntaxError: invalid character in identifier

No Operator Addition
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how does this work??????

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Material Login
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@zavexeon: agreed

Robot Simulator 1.0
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What are the commands?