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Pyxel support?
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Yeah OpenGL isn't currently supported. Essentially we have two options:

  1. Run the code on our containers, and get the graphics/audio out. Pyxel is a platform that might actually work well with this approach because the images are small and have a low color depth. The bigger problem here is latency. From here in Cali to where our servers are, its a 49ms delay. That might not seem like much on paper, but it will make tight gameplay like a platformer feel somewhat frustrating. The "responsiveness" would feel like 20fps or less. Games like simcity or apps like a calculator would work well however.

  2. We reimplement pyxel client side, running the python though a WASMed python environment, skulpt, or esper. Performance would be good, however we would need to rework a bunch of the library's touch-points our self. Also some python schematics would likely be incorrect, and you wouldn't be able to load many libraries. This is similar to how python with turtle works now.

We are still weighing the pros and cons of which method is best. Any thoughts?

If a Repl that is hosted in an iframe is forked, is there a way to get the URL of the new fork?
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Can you share more about what you want to do with your project?

There is no way to do this currently, but we are currently working on allowing multiple users to edit a repl at the same time without out forking (if this enabled by the author). Would that help?

What coding language do you like best?
posted to Ask by UndertaleRulez

Javascript for sure. NPM is just too rich, and you can get both your client and server side logic knocked out in the same language. Plus it mostly stays out of your way for smaller projects where you just want to knock stuff out.

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Maybe try continue instead of break?