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i dont take anything seriously
Trying my best to learn anyways. Learning python, C#, js, and english.
The Most Simplest Program
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not that experienced with python but this doesn't look simple at all
where did you learn to do this and how long have you been learning?

Excuse Generator
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pretty cool, chuckled a bit

also forgot to cook dinner because i was killed in melee combat

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Maze game
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Pretty cool, can't wait for more levels.

LOLCODE calculator!
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why. it works but why

My RPG Game made in lua (Luagame)
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pretty cool

ScrapeR v3 - Unblock reddit through snoowrap!
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any tips on how to show images? they don't load most of the time

Draw Some Shapes!
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The Awesome Button
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@RohilPatel thanks :)

Mad lib of The Constitution Preamble and Article III
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@AdCharity I'll look into it. Seems a lot more better than having 20 new variables every time i do this.