Cole Mason

@catchacoled (20) • Easley High School
catchacoled (20)
My website
This has taken me a week so far but I plan to make my site better so can anyone who sees this just click on my site and give me positive feedback.
catchacoled (20)
Forms in websites that give you responses in three steps
For all my unexperienced programmers out there trying to make themselves a site you prob know that if you just put a form there it will not give you t...
catchacoled (20)
How do i get a form to show a username that the user puts in in the top navagation bar
When someone uses the sign-in form on my site is changes to form to say welcome "" when it is supposed to say welcome "user".
catchacoled (20)
Node Server
This is not my repl I forked it so that I could edit it and play around with it but @Vandesm14 is really great. I love your low chat