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New here and I'd really like to begin learning how to program a basic game please?
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@LynnOng That's great LynnOng :). Thanks very much for your advice and info.

I was on a Javascript lesson just before I replied to you and I am glad you have let me know not to do it in Java.

I have minimal knowledge for coding and this is why I have been searching the lessons on here for something to get me started off properly.

Recently I attempted the Recipe webpage and I done really well in it.
It was a 5 Day Challenge course and ever since I done it, I am really keen to pursue learning how to program properly now.

I am in the process of beginning a course for HTML, CSS and JS.

Hopefully this will be the building blocks for me to move on to C++, C#, or whatever language helps me to become a reasonable programmer.

I see you mentioned, if I don't have any programming experience, it is best to begin with Python or Java.
I am at this level yes lol.

I am only beginning LynnOng.

I really appreciate your help and thanks very much :).

I hope we get to speak again.