Give me your problems!
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I threw my computer in a swimming pool to cool and now it doesn't work. wat do?

Let's learn Aardvark
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People here not knowing what Read the Docs and iframes are... :(

I'm not a Talk mod (just a fellow from the Discord) so I can't say for sure but I believe that hosting the docs there is fine, and it's very clear that you aren't making money off of it and I really don't get all the antagonizing.

So people don't get confused may I suggest instead of using an iframe, link to your Read the Docs site in a new tab? Of course, having the documentation on the site itself is fine too and means you wouldn't have to deal with ads. (That said, I have used RTD myself for my documentation in the past and it's very handy!)

You have a very fine project and I wish you best of luck in the competition.

What should we code?
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Honestly I'd like to see a flexible student planner/to do list. More of an agenda feel, but letting you set class times and schedules if you want (don't require it to add a class though; this is what bothered me with My Study Life since my schedules always become inconsistent). Also importing from places like Moodle would be a plus and a huge timesaver. And syncing across devices for offline usage!

How to Make a Python Email Bot
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Actually genius! Maybe Gophermail can live on after all.. site wide dark theme!
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Empty 7: Jokes dead but ok
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¿su punto?

Feedback for git support + the new GitHub integration

I'd like to be able to change my git email so it can match my GitHub user address.


@eric_wang Good point, here's my updated version:

def multiply(x, y):
	if y == 0:
		return 0
	return round(x / (1 / y))
print(multiply(69, 420))
x = 69
y = 420
z = round(x / (1 / y))

dude python lmao

Default name challenge
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Gave it another shot because I hate dust:

Default name challenge
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At least I got two of those right... right?

How to use a custom domain
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@turbio Thanks for pointing that out! I'll update the tutorial.

A blog on the terminal
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Pretty fancy!

Cool Yet Simple Single Player Flappy Bird
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Bonus points for the Comic Sans MS. 👌

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How to use a custom domain
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@Scoder12 Will definitely give this a shot sometime! If I could pin this, I would, since that'd solve the issue with needing to use a subdomain for the CNAME record.

Unable to Use BS4 (BeautifulSoup) package
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Using the latest version (4.6.3) in the requirements.txt file works for me.

( also can automatically install the latest version of your dependencies if they aren't in a requirements.txt file, made a little test project at

Community Channels
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This is crazy! Really impressive stuff here.

Using a custom domain.
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I wrote something up. It's a little rough, but I hope it helps.

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This gives me a Flipnote Hatena vibe (where you'd have a limited amount of starts to give). Good job!

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📱 Repl Talk 💬 💻 **TERMINAL EDITION** 💻
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This is the type of stuff I wish I could do in Python, excellent work.

Chat bot in Ruby 2.5.0
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@Bloxy_Cola ah, you surround it with three backticks (`)

Chat bot in Ruby 2.5.0
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You can put it in a loop like this:

loop do
    puts 'Bot: Whats on your mind?'
    puts 'Bot: wow,' + gets.strip + 'looks like fun!'
2 Line Hello World
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I appreciate how well thought out the code was. It is written in a way so that even me, a total python nub could understand it