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WINNER ANNOUNCED: What would you do with $5,000?
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I would rent a plane and buy a ton of tacos and mini parachutes.

Fly over New York City and drop them all on a Tuesday.

shortest program
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Check out this program I made to find complementary DNA strands and RNA strands. It's possible to shorten the program to only one line using lambdas, but I don't know how they work so I just used a normal function.

🚀 A Starter Guide to Pygame 📀
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Great tutorial!

HackFTW 2020 Hackathon First Place Winning Project
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@DynamicSquid Yeah we know each other in person

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Cool! I actually spent some time on a python chatroom a while ago that I also happened to name Pychat. I used the google sheets api to append messages to a sheet and update the screen.

The Dungeon Thief
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I don't know if this is on purpose, but when you get a coin there is a flash and you can see where the next coin is.
Awesome game!

Repl.it GFX Public Beta: Build Games and GUI Apps
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Can't wait to start experimenting!

Game Jam FAQ
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@laksh5 repl.it does actually support pygame now, so your in luck!

Python Turtle Game
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@malvoliothegood Haha thanks!