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Product Designer at Repl.it twitter.com/@hayaodeh
🐶Introduce yourself! 🐶
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@Oznerologos enchante! do you have some time to chat with me?

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@antonmata it’s super creative and we spent some time playing around with what you built. Thank you for joining us in our hackathon!

WINNER ANNOUNCED: What would you do with $5,000?
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@ClaytonHickey you are already an investor just by being with us and using Repl.it

Is there an actual trophy like in the picture?
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@TimothyAnderso1 what if we added these platformer awards as badges to the repls?

How Did YOU Find Repl.it
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@PYer Thanks for asking this question! All of the comments are amazing here and very nice to read 🤗

I found Repl.it when @amasad asked me if I can design the website and the logo for Repl.it, back then it did not exist and that's how I found it, through Amjad, and that was the beginning of Repl.it.

HTML, CSS, JS Error Pages
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I think it would be cool to have your own custom error page. @PYer The best way for us to read your suggestions is to talk about it here in talk, because we can't be on Discord all the time, but on Repl talk we can check it more often, and have more people upvoting and discussing the suggestion :)

Repl.it work dumb question
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Cool profile pic 😉and there is no dumb question. This is actually a great question.

I'll start with if Repl.it has a headquarters.
Repl.it is a very small team, we're only six people, and our office is in San Francisco, CA.

Repl.it has moved a lot, it was born in Amman, Jordan; then moved to Manhattan NY and at that time it was a side project. But it became a company in Foster city, then we moved it to SF two years ago.

How does it feel to work on Repl.it?
It's very rewarding to build and to work on something that is completely yours, and empowers others so they can empower other people, we build tools for Replers and Replers build programs for others ;) It touches my heart every time we launch a tool or a feature and watch everyone using it and loving it. Giving people the ability to learn and build has been always what I thrive for, and I consider myself very lucky to have that on Repl.it and to have such a great community here who shares the same goals of ours.

Even Deeper: and I need to mention I'm not a programmer, I'm a designer, so far it has been the best experience in my life to work with super smart people, with a team who is capable to make ideas to become reality. We all share the love for Repl.it and the community here, and we can't wait to empower you and everyone else even more so that you build what you want, and find a friendly environment to learn.

How do I find a friend on repl?
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you can search someone in the search bar, but you need to know their username ect Let us know how is that going for you! We are working towards this goal, finding and making friends on Repl.it, collaborating and following each other.

Do you already have friends on Repl.it you need to find? or are you making friends on Repl.it and would like to stay in touch with them?

Game Tutorial: Canyon Runner

This is amazing! we need to feature it! @timmy_i_chen

New and improved Multiplayer launching Thursday 8/29
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@eaz it's supposed to work from mobile, yes. Here how it looks like from my mobile

New and improved Multiplayer launching Thursday 8/29
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@a5rocks yes, in the worksss. Coming soon 🔥

3D Online Multiplayer Shooter 🔫🔫
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Can we have an overview map? I don't know where I'm at in the game 😬

Debug in Repl.it
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@StivRodzhiers we have an open issue about it. Here is a link for it where people are upvoting and discussing the issue. Please up vote if that's something you'd like us to implement

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That’s awesome. All submissions were awesome! Thanks everyone for contributing! keep the creativity and amazing work going.

Which Language is better? Javascript (NodeJs) or Python?
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Not sure, I was learning both. It's said that Python is good for beginners, but I like NodeJs and I was told as a designer it's more important to learn JS. So I think it depends on what do you want to do, and how you'd like to use it.

██ Empty ██
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That's deep @mat1. you know I never thought about repl as a living thing but now I do thanks to this game. I like the game, philosophy, and critique of the elements and metaphors, keep doing this, the more you do it the better designer you'll become. big props 👏👏

How Did YOU Find Repl.it
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@PYer yes :)

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Can someone record a gif while playing?

Repl.it work dumb question
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@Lanna <3
Yeh, it's special to have a small team with a big vision and mission of a big impact, it comes with a lot of responsibility. Can you tell me how did you end up here? how do you like repl.it? and what are you up to?

btw if you are close or around the Bay Area you are more than welcome to visit us!

Music you guys listen to
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I listen and I follow different music. But Rap speaks to me the most.
1- Eminem is def one of my favorites, he is talented and he raps like no other, JayZ as well. Sometimes I listen to trending rap like Drake and Future.
I like electric music and remixes, house music is something I like, deadmou5 one of my top fav.

I like diverse music as well, sometimes I listen to Japanese or Latin music, french rap, rai music. I also listen to middle eastern tracks as well.

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OMG this is amazing!

Debug in Repl.it
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The Debugger now is only on Python3 on single file mode, as soon as you switch to project mode the debugger get disabled. Can you tell me more what you're looking for?

How to add classes in Java?
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hmmmm I don't know how to add classes in Java either 😞 but maybe other replers can help out. are you with us on our discord server?

The Number in Parentheses
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yes @spybrave and @Lumpy_Wiggles you are completely right! Do you guys have any suggestions how we can improve it and make it better? I'm open to all of your suggestions 🙏🏼

how to debug python
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This is a good question :) regarding to show the how to on Repl.it it's something that we're working on, many people would like to learn how to use Repl.it in more advanced ways

Fart Art
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it can always be modern 😁 no offense for modern are fans.
p.s I'm one of them

Mobile App?
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Thanks for sharing this with us, we think a mobile app can be a great add on.

Beatles Fan Page (Give Me Design Tips/Suggestions Please!)
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This website looks amazing! Looks like an actual template for people to use and pay for it. Love it 😍😍 Thanks a lot for sharing! and I'm glad that our convo helped 🙏I learned through the years it's better to share early on and get other people's feedback on my work and put myself out there as well, cause just like you, as a designer I wanted to be a perfectionist, then I ended up with sharing absolutely nothing.

I'm so happy to see your work and style out there! looking forward to seeing more of it!

New Sidebar Nav ✨
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@mwilki7 I liked that animation :) transition from a profile pic to repl.it logo

Is there away to change the colors of our code?
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So you wanted different syntax highlighting?