Eshan R

@icr0 (11) • Oviedo High School
i like competitive programming, but also math, video games, dank memes and making mistakes
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@microwither: Mainly because any mono-alphabetic substitution cipher is vulnerable to letter frequency analysis.

MyNeuralNetwork (Come, check it out! :D)
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I love how you actually made your own NN instead of just using a module. However, it's limited in the fact that there's so much repetitive code that can be abstracted to make the make the entire thing cleaner.

Also, for some season, it doesn't work right now! No worries about that though.

Maze Solver
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awesome bfs!!

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I like your Object Oriented style!

Numerical Sum of a String!
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Have you tried using "ord()-97" to get the numerical value of a letter (eliminates the fact that punctuation is not allowed as well), it seems a lot better than what you have right now!

Simple Genetic Algorithm
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huh i studied natural selection & evolution in ap bio, but I've never seen it used in computer science!