@jarules214 (9) • Neenah High School
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I think this should win. I have spent hours enjoying this game! Maybe we could collab on adding sprites, or polishing the game. Hmu! Otherwise it is an amazing game!

💵 Cash makes the world go round! 🌍 (parallax graphics game)
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Very well done! It looks amazing, and I'm glad someone made a money game that wasn't just text based!

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@MatthewStirling none so far

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I would spruce up the main menu, but damn, what a game. This is probably the best one I have played yet!

⛵The Journey of Bella Shores: Open-World, Story Driven, Trade and Combat Game
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It's a well polished game, but the optimization is a huge issue. I get around 5 frames while playing this.... maybe try down scaling the graphics? Otherwise a good game.

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I did enjoy myself while playing it, but it's a bit clunky. The controls feel unresponsive at times, and the hit-boxes are a bit off.

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It is a solid arcade game, I would love to see this remade with a graphics system, and physics.

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It is a really solid version of Tetris! My only request is that you added an infa-spin.

Architect 📐
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This game is really well done. Beat it all in one sitting! Hope you make more levels though.