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🏆Hero Legends - RPG Game🏆
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Apparently you can gamble negative account (same name as username) has got a vast negative amount. That is a problem.... I may need to delete my account in this game. I can't do anything other than bet more negative amounts and winning "less" money.

Ummm, hacked or bug?
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I've just seen my named spacebar pop up sometimes... It's incredibly annoying as it can cover up a few characters of code which could be important

🤖APP OF THE WEEK: SynthRogue 🤖
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@PDanielY The fact that no people other than you have commented on this in the past 2 months... It's not like this post is buried at the bottom of pile

🤖APP OF THE WEEK: SynthRogue 🤖
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@PDanielY Erm... I think this is a problem

Hiring a Coding Interface Designer
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@rediar It's a black on black terminal if that helps

Hiring a Coding Interface Designer
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@PDanielY If you click the link it goes to a 404... so nothing then I still wonder who ApplDev is...

What do YOU think of's new homepage?
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I so love the ~ reference, I laughed when I saw it

How I solved the Secret Announcement
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@jasonthename Don't you mean WAOW?

Python Type Writer Effect
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Here is my version:

import time
def write(text):
  for char in text:
    print(char, end="", flush=True)

It's a lot simpler

A simple idle game
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@nulll They both work, but they still DESTROY the game... another trick is just money = 9.9e+20;.

How Did YOU Find
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I found it through Microsoft's website, to find online F# compilers (I don't actually use F#, I was trying it for fun at that point)

Play against a bot!
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@nulll If you were to edit the code and change the starting number to zero while keeping the bot the same, it would go up to 99 in which the player could win. (You should edit the bots if you never want the player to win, like mewant_taco)

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This game is so cool!! I'm playing for a trimester, it's currently day 80, have 12 workers, 75 land, and on day 81 (yesterday in game terms) aliens came and gave me free crops! so now I have 110 crops. The game is so fun! But I pressed 3 to end the day twice once, so i didn't do anything on day 82 other than harvest, I think you need to do something like wait a little bit so it's clear that the day has changed. Other than that, the game is really good!

Wanna play the game Snake?
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@securethebags Hmm... Getting the same result, can't play

TypeError: Cannot read property 'style' of null
    at moveTheBody (/script.js:102:36)
    at snakeMover (/script.js:129:3)

UPDATE: It only happens when you go past the border, so it shouldn't be much of a problem if you are really good

🏆Hero Legends - RPG Game🏆
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@Seazyns You're welcome.

What Are Cycles?
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@eankeen you have 713

🏆Hero Legends - RPG Game🏆
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@Seazyns Thanks for fixing the bug! I have now recreated my account and there are no more bugs that I can find.

A simple idle game
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Ermm.... I tricked it, I'm rich. Paste

var i;
for (i = 0; i < 50000; i++) {

into the console and you are rich... (just some js that clicks the button 5000 times)

Looking for a coding group
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@MatthewDoan1 I know a bit of python and javascript/html

C# 4 digits integer starting with 0
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@mwilki7 I have read that post, and the maths trick, although it works, just seems inconvenient. I think I'm going to just convert input type to strings, as it shortens the amount of code needed.

Please Solve the C programming Problem for me
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@mehedihassan9 We want a link to the repl, not the actual code.

Severe Lack of Moderation
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@theangryepicbanana I found one guy I found just by putting "Shrek" in the Repl talk search his name is shrekanddonkey. I found his only post and reported it, hopefully he can be removed. He doesn't seem like a spammer, but his repls look very spammy.

🎵 📦 Music Box Editor 📦 🎵
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@Anthony_Tonev I find that the star icon can sometimes glitch out, like making the tune repeat over and over, and not playing at all. I find that 🔶1.0 works instead.

🎵 📦 Music Box Editor 📦 🎵
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Hello. I went to BoxHub, I created a tune, then realised I had inserted the wrong note sequence. Then I went and updated the box, then the page didn't render correctly, as in the the container boxes were all over the place. The tune is one I made up, in the generator. The name of the tune is "A step in". I also found that the note sequence had been updated, just something got messed up. Here is a screenshot:

Music Jam Results Algorithm! LEAKED!!
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Why can't I upload songs to Influxion? I tried a few days ago and now I just re-uploaded the same song, why won't it appear in the menu?