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Strange ERROR
posted to Ask by andreibulibasa

it just works? If you created a python 3 repl then it should work.

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UPDATE: WINNERS POSTPONED // ✨Check back here for our Music Hackathon results! ✨
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@katyadee is that a spam? Cause if so I will delete it. Or it just a joke,.. or umm..

UPDATE: WINNERS POSTPONED // ✨Check back here for our Music Hackathon results! ✨
posted to Share by katyadee

first and will be the last comment until the result is out.

Adding Java Jar files (is there anyway to get around with it?)
posted to Ask by BernardDon

I think you can upload that .jar file to the editor? And then run it by that way by using the terminal?

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Modify the function to return the given string with an exclamation mark
posted to Ask by kyleekeith

return s + "!";

python is simple, not that hard.

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Be the garbage collector – a game about apps made in p5.js for giggles
posted to Share by AdrianHall

this game is cool, simple but cool C: . Keep these stuff comming @AdrianHall !

🐶Introduce yourself! 🐶
posted to Announcements by katyadee

Hi. I am Josh (or Joshhies), and I create stuff with stuff. I love to do stuff and stuff I create is not that good but still :D, I love to do stuff. Thanks guys and keep creating stuff!

Red Triangle In A Black Background
posted to Share by Siddhartha123

first thing first, no need to copy past you code cause we already see you code in repl if you link it to this post. Second thing, use markdown if you do so.

This is pretty cool, not that interesting tho.

just this generator for memes
posted to Share by Generalemmder

Idea to make this better: Go ahead and add like a website with flask and use a random meme api or something. Also meme should be in image? I am kinda tired with reading text meme.

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posted to Ask by rovertb

next time try reading the er. You can see the invalid syntax at line 1 of the script.

You are missing a colon.

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posted to Share by Bryannguyen

This is not hacking. It just md5 hash? Nothing cracking or hacking here. You don't even know what password hash to put in. IDK but this is kinda clickbait.

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posted to Share by StefanJimenez


  • Style in style.css...
  • Script in script.js...

It will help you.

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Beautiful soup error
posted to Ask by RohitDalal

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Beautiful soup error
posted to Ask by RohitDalal

If you take time to look at the err you can see it report as HTTP Error 501: Service Unavailable. That means your link is somehow down or you mistyped the link.

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Strange ERROR
posted to Ask by andreibulibasa

@andreibulibasa cool, hope the problem have been fixed.

Weekly Repls #41
posted to Announcements by 21natzil

thanks for including me. I don't think that post will get to here but it did! I will post more stuff and contribute more to the community.

posted to Share by ibbi20131

pretty cool idea actually! Keep up!

🎵 An App where you just click and make good-hearing music. 🎵
posted to Share by joshhies

@AdrianHall Update: Fixed the delay issue, the audio now is better with no delay. Thanks for letting me know :)

Div Span
posted to Share by VaheGaloustian

... error??? what error? What is the error, html don't have errors.

HTML Basics
posted to Share by nehajary09

ummm.... what is this? I clicked and I still don't know what this means? Also you should not use <em> any more, cause you have a css file.

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Music recommendataion system
posted to Share by Mounika1998

You repl doesn't even run cause you just copy and paste what you work offline into repl....

posted to Share by VaheGaloustian

HTML have no error message! What error message! You should know this before posting it. Also this is not in share this should be in ask. Thanks.

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Ability to leave repl running in paid account?
posted to Ask by damo1884

you can use UptimeRobot to do that.

collaborative work
posted to Ask by MiguelTabuzo

Repl Multiplayer is there to help ya.

Can you help me edit this code?
posted to Ask by SeanWilliamWill

I won't help you on this cause this is like SUPER BEGINNER STUFF... Read this to find more info:

And if you like this answer... works in chrome but not firefox
posted to Ask by W6z5oAq

It works fine on my end tho?

Repl Bug?
posted to Ask by johnaweiss

it not really a bug tho, if you want that change to be saved you would have to click the run button to force it to save. I am not pretty sure but that method helps me every time I would that thingy.

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Pygame in a Classroom
posted to Ask by MrMevs

first thing first, pygame is not a language. Also if you type pygame into the chat bar it should pop up

If not you can report it as a bug cause Pygame is new to at

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posted to Ask by SickCreator7737

this should not be here... if you upload it multiple times on lots of section it is count as spam so don't so that.