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i make stuff, love math and like Gravity Falls
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🌐 Getting Started with HTML in 10 minutes. 🌐
This is a super easy guide to show you how to work with HTML and create your first pages in 10 minutes! **Disclaimer**: This tutorial will only cover...
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🎵 An App where you just click and make good-hearing music. 🎵
Well, me and my friend thought that this idea would be cool so we go ahead and make it. By me and and my friend I mean me and B0t. Part we do in thi...
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📀 Boucing DVD Logo using P5.js. 💿
I started doing this thing where I make something cool everyday. So I think I should get started with something easy but fun. So That why I created th...
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When you are coding. What Music would you recomend to hear to stay more focus?
Yeah, been not really focused on coding when I am coding (or doing anything else), thought music can help a little bit. Any recommendation?