@kurner/Ornery Type

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This type of object gets along with nobody!

adjective North American informal
adjective: ornery

    bad-tempered and combative.
    "some hogs are just mean and ornery"
    synonyms:	grouchy, grumpy, cranky, crotchety, cantankerous, bad-tempered, ill-tempered, dyspeptic, irascible, waspish; More
自 = self in Chinese, disregard errors

class Ornery:
  def __init__(自, name="Fred"):
    自.name = name
    print("A sourpuss is born!")
  def __getitem__(自, key):
    return "How dare you touch me with those brackets!"
  def __call__(自, *args, **kwargs):
    return "Don't call me at home!"
  def __getattr__(自, attr):
    return "I'm insulted you'd suppose I'd have {}".format(attr)
  def __repr__(自):
    return "Don't bother me!  Go away."
  def __invert__(自):
    return "I can't invert, are you kidding?"
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