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Breaking things is fun
Unlisted REPLs - Hide your REPLs until you're ready to share them!
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Hey, Repl.it person here

All unnamed repls are not listed on your profile. However, they are exposed to SEO and crawlers through other means. Moreover, the repls are still accessible to other users if they get a hold of the URL. I encourage you not to store any sensitive information on there outside of the .env file.


Experiencing difficulties
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@JamesGordon1 Hey James. We just looked into. We did not break Python, it seems like you wrote 200 megabytes to user.py programatically and that broke your repl. Try using the history to restore it.

Also please be more respectful when reporting problems, I deleted the swear word you wrote.

Is there any find and replace function?
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If you want to do it on a single file, the shortcut is ctrl/cmd + h. For multiple files, we still didn't implement that, but it's something that I wanna work on soon.

Kick users off (revoke) Multiplayer
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Hey, we appreciate the feedback! Yes, this is a known issue we'll work on fixing hopefully soon.

Here's a work around (it's a total hack):
1- Open shell (ctrl+shift+s)
2- Type kill 1
3- Everyone will be kicked off and only valid users will rejoin

For future feedback please use our feedback forum https://repl.it/feedback. This forum is more about the community

What kind of servers do you use? what are the specs :P
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Short answer: We're using both Google Cloud and Heroku

The website itself is hosted on a PaaS (platform as a service) called Heroku (which uses AWS under the hood), the reason we chose that is because we're a small team and it didn't make sense to allocate resources to managing our own infrastructure for a basic web server.

Our code compilation/evaluation/hosting infrastructure are on Google Cloud. Google cloud is similar to AWS as it's a IaaS (infrastructure as a service). It gives the full control that we need since this part of our stack isn't as simple as just running a webserver. If you're more interested in what kind of things we do on GC, @turbio is the person to ask.

👾🎉 Announcing Python Play (beta) & a pong game tutorial
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@PeymanTalkhekar This is not an error. It's ok if you see it. Please link a Repl when you're having a problem. I ran your last 2 repls, they seem to work fine. Anything in particular that's broken?

How to avoid: "there appears to be trouble with your connection..."
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Being in incogonito or not shouldn't affect anything since your browser doesn't actually do the package installation, it's all happening on the remote machine.

This seems to be an issue with the yarn package manager. Will look into it, thanks for reporting.

Why do I get segmentation fault when creating a new Julia REPL?
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Thanks for reporting, and thanks @theangryepicbanana for reaching out! It's fixed now

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As @LardBoi metioned, it's not easy to do that. You could potentially have PyGame<->WebGL bindings but it'll probably be incomplete. Maybe in the future we can do something with WASM, but as far as I know you can't have access to the GPU in WASM so we'll end up with a different set of problems. I think if we were to tackle this, we'd start by supporting simple GUI.

If you've been a long time user you'll notice how we focus mostly one thing until we feel like it's feature complete(ish) then when we have enough resources we start engaging with other endeavors. For example, for the longest time we focused on getting text/cli based apps right, now we're focusing on the web side of things (servers backed and static sites). It's not clear when or what we will be doing next but we're always looking to shake things around and see if we can do things better and in a simpler fashion.

Firefox web browser on repl.it
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This is so cool <3

Instant Painter
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@kochman, I think you'd like this

👍 Steam Market Item Scraper 👍
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▓▓▓▓▓▓█░░░░ Valve, ░░░░░█
▓▓▓▓▓▓█░░░░Add This░░░░█

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Very original

🎮 Tetris [without canvas !]
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@smrsan761 YES! It works great! I've been playing it on and off all day :)

By the way, it would also be cool if there's a "Next" piece preview, see https://tetris.fandom.com/wiki/Next

🎮 Tetris [without canvas !]
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@smrsan761 In most tetris modes you can save a piece for later https://tetris.fandom.com/wiki/Hold_piece

Is there something wrong with repl?
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@AzureScripts Please make sure you're not flooding any online service that you don't own, we've been monitoring outgoing traffic for malicious activity.

You can build your own service on repl.it grow it to take a beating. A simple flask app is a good start.

Repl.it Code Intelligence
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Java & Ruby are added now

Creating Custom Student Exercises
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I'm not sure I follow on what you're trying to do, can you expand with a concrete example maybe? @mikemcguire

typing isn't really working in the IDE
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@Coder100 Yeah good observation. We should fix it if that's the case.
@NoelB33 did you have emojis in your code?

Privacy concerns for K-12 Public Schools in CT
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Hello, we are GDPR compliant. In addition to these policies, we have a very strong internal culture around privacy and user data, it's something we discuss a lot.

Feel free to read our terms and privacy.

Intellisense not working
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Check your settings from the gear icon, do you have it disabled maybe? It's the last option

Weekly Challenge #2

@bramley please don't advertise discord #bugs, it's not well monitored. Email and /bugs is great, thanks for sharing.

GRaphics won't run when submitted as student file
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Unfortunately graphics don't work with assignments yet. They do work with projects (there's a section under assignments)

At Home Students Code Jam
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Compliance with FERPA?
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Hello Eric,

We have looked into FERPA and COPPA in the past and regularly evaluate whether we can invest in them or not. The answer so far has been, no, at this time it would be too much overhead for our tiny team to deal with.

That said, we take our users and especially student data very seriously. We are GDPR compliant and have very secure systems in place.

Hope that helps, thank you for your interest

Experiencing difficulties
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@JamesGordon1 I understand. Don't worry about it, just keep in mind that we try to keep this place friendly and empty of negativity.

Looking at the file diff, this seems to be the culprit

Experiencing difficulties
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@Grify Running a postmortem tomorrow, will share as much as possible