Programming Poetry

# you can make functions with def in python
# this function is named makeVerseOne
# it has one parameter, named 'what'
# the function outpus a a verse with {0} replaced with the parameter 'what'
def makeVerseOne(what):
  return "Once, {0} were sparsely connected".format(what)
# this does the same thing but with a different verse
def makeVerseTwo(became):
  return " then they {0}.".format(became)
# this is a list of things my poem is about  
whatWas = [
  "societies and countries",

# this is an empty list. I want to STORE my verses here.
verses = []

# we commonly fill lists with values returned from functions
for what in whatWas :
# remove last line, for edginess
# lets combine all the verses with a newline after each verse
poem = "\n".join(verses)

# output the poem to the terminal