Weekly Challenge #17

@Codemonkey51 lmao you used recursion idot

Password Vault! #WEEKLY
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@Bookie0 hehehehehehe yes you should certainly put your passwords here absolutely 100%

Weekly Challenge #18

Will the inputs be case sensitive? If so, how should case be sorted? Should it be abAB or aAbB etc?

Local Time (Clock)
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The const h1 should be defined outside of the function. This will also make it insignificantly faster :)

#WEEKLY Fibonacci Sequence!
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@CodingCactus bruh srsly nobody cares that someone was the first upvoter

#WEEKLY Fibonacci Sequence!
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@PyCoder01 nobody cares :)

#WEEKLY Fibonacci Sequence!
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Export Files
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You can already do this:

  • Next to the Add file and Add folder buttons, there's a little menu button
  • Click that and click Download as zip

I hope you found this comment helpful
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Introducing Replpedia
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lmao, https://repldex.com has existed for months and has more content and memes than this will ever have.

Very ez WEEKLY #17
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Bruh did you actually read the post? Of course Fibonacci numbers are easy, the hard part is that you're not allowed to use recursion or iteration, but you have used recursion. Also, I have a 44-char JS function that does it without recursion or iteration.

I deleted a repl on accident
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@JosephSanthosh yep. I've been on Repl.it for quite a bit more than two years I think, and I'll have been on the Discord server for two years in 6 days' time

Edit: I just looked back through old emails and the earliest Repl.it email I can find is a newsletter from March 2018. However, I can't find my account confirmation email, so I must have joined a bit before then. In fact, I'm pretty sure I made my account before or very shortly after Repl Talk became a thing - that first newsletter mentions the winners of a competition that celebrated the release of I Built This, the platform now known as Repl Talk.

Monthly repls - August 2020

@eekboi stop cycle squeezing smh idot

Password Vault! #WEEKLY
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@firefish also you now shouldn't get word wrapping :)

Password Vault! #WEEKLY
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@firefish mmmmmm yes thx for password leaks

Password Vault! #WEEKLY
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@clawstrike lol, really don't put your passwords here. It is not safe at all. It's just for weekly challenges and it satisfies the requirements.

What does fork do?
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Forking someone else's repl creates a copy of the repl in your account, which you can edit. Although this is very good if you want to, for example, improve someone else's code, you musn't fork someone else's repl and claim it as your own, and it's always good to put in the repl's description that it's a fork of someone else's.

Hope you found this comment helpful
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Password Vault! #WEEKLY
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@CodingCactus am not encrypting them.
1) it's just a weekly challenge, and it satisfies the requirement that you can't see other people's passwords.
2) If someone did get access to the database through .env, they'd also have access to any encryption keys I used

Chat on the terminal
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Hey! Nice tutorial but a few issues:
Firstly, it doesn't work, in that messages you send aren't actually posted. Easy fix: replace

rl.question("» ", (answer) => {
    // "» " Gives a prompt for the user
    socket.emit("message", buffer);


rl.question("» ", (answer) => {
    // "» " Gives a prompt for the user
    socket.emit("message", answer); // <-- There - replace buffer with answer!

and it should work fine!

Also, if you want it to display who posted the message, change socket.emit("message", answer); to socket.emit("message", id+": "+answer);

Awesome tutorial though, I'm no good with JS so I would never have been able to create something like this without a tutorial!

My chatroom

C.A.R.B.O.N Fingerprint
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@FluidGaming great insult lmao. but that doesn't change the fact that you are plagiarising someone else's hard work and being rude to other people. How old are you? 8? 9? You did not create this and you know it, so instead of trying to defend yourself, why don't you apologise to CodingCactus and Coder100 and stop doing this?

Getting a sound... From an image.
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@amasad ikr, it's cool! Have you seen my Circles API, which is where the images are coming from? Docs here and example images here (refresh the page for more examples)
Edit: repl talk post also lol

My website! :D
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@pythoder submit it on the website!

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@VFDan @TheDrone7 has made a nice tutorial on it - on his profile page, select the posts tab and it's one of his most recent ones

Never received my mail code evaluation
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Bruh! I've had the same problem! I even directly asked @enigma_dev and he refused to evaluate my code. Poor customer service, don't you think?

Where did Nathan go?
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@Water_Wizard ahhhhh you guys don't remember those glorious days when we used to get weekly emails from our lord Timmy from Repl.it

BrainF - A Complete Guide
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@larryk thx for that correction, I'll fix it right away.
BrainF has exactly zero practical use - that's one of the reasons that I personally like it so much!

Noob here: How do I call a python script from another python script?
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No @gbafana25, it does work - you just need to create another file my_module.py (or whatever you want to call it) and do import my_module wherever you want to use it.

If you have my_function in my_module.py which is inside the folder my_folder, you can do

import my_folder.my_module

or you can do

from my_folder.my_module import my_function

Hope you found this helpful!
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Discord Bot Competition
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@freddyamarsden you already can, the python tutorial linked on this page (i don't know about the js and ruby ones) includes a bit about creating a server

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from flask import Flask
from threading import Thread


def index():
    return "<h1>Bot is running</h1>"

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Python: use a Flask keepalive
JS: make an express server
For both of them, you also need to set up uptimerobot to ping the webpage that is created