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crying because you dont put brackets around your case statements
How do I get people to see the repls I post?
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I'm interested in the statistics of people who sort by hot vs sort by new
that could have something to do with it

memes I made
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you are one with the memes

Collision detection platformer thing
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h0ly sm0kes the collision resolution is nice

VolantOS - An operating system made with Volant (Check the jam section)
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@RohilPatel I'm starting to think people are more likely to upvote familiar faces versus impressive repls.

I can't connect. At all.
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Email professor/teacher about the downtime. I'm sure they'll give an extension.

~~Music Subtitle Player~~
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import ass
lol sorry im immature

Why do you use repl?
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A place that hosts my code online is very handy and have been able to complete projects from multiple locations that I wouldn't have been able to otherwise. I mainly use it to quench my thirst for dumb programming ideas that I come up with.

Why is Python so popular?
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no one can convince me their indentation syntax is a good idea

why i can change a frame to my game?
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maybe this picture will help

Keep track of the red rectangle on the sprite sheet and you will know how to draw your animation.

The right side is the final canvas drawing

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@xolyon you'd be surprised how many different ways there are to type in the command for help, being explicit is useful

A Few Git Jokes to make your day
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ill never forget the introduction to a particular unit in my systems programming class:

Professor: Welcome back to CS361, 
           today we're going to learn about forking and killing children 
           and how to have them reaped by their parents.

(he was talking about parent and child processes lol)

Give me your problems!
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this made me laugh but not because i want anyone to die xd

Python3 interpreter
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we live in a society

What do YOU think of repl.it's new homepage?
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Just tossing ideas out there.

What's your favorite Repl.it game??
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Repl should have sections containing people's creations.
Like a section for games, apps, and stuff. It seems a lot of people's work is stuffed in the bottom of repl talk.

Repl.it Desktop 😯
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I also don't understand the point of a desktop app when you can just use this website on your desktop. I would see why someone would attempt a mobile app for repl but the desktop version already exists (that is, this website).

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I wouldn't feel too bad.
The line clear algorithm works and I'd say that's the hardest thing about programming tetris. It also looks way better than mine.

Tic Tac Toe
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welcome back

Collision detection not working very good.
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I derived this function:

function checkCollision(a, b)
    return (a.x < b.x + b.width  &&
            a.x + a.width > b.x  &&
            a.y < b.y + b.height &&
            a.y + a.height > b.y);

From this page:


var rectA = {x: 10, y: 10, width: 10, height: 10};
var rectB = {x: 10, y: 15, width: 10, height: 10};

if (checkCollision(rectA, rectB))
    console.log('Collision detected');
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this news made me sadface

I hate that this works
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Shiritori Word Game (v0.8.0 Stable Release)
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i am very disappoint
do u know how many games i played just to get a turn at 'p'

it seems to crash if you give an answer that you used before

How do you plan your code?
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i draw pictures

Bored ... Give me ideas
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ascii pac man

What's the difference?
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JavaScript is what's most commonly used to provide functionality to web pages (unless you're a diehard CSS expert).
Java CAN be used for websites (see .jsp)

Being programming languages they naturally have a lot in common (classes, variables, functions, etc...) but are typically used for completely different things.

Whoever named JavaScript has some serious explaining to do.

C++ Program Assignment HELP
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what a coincidence, repl.it had a community challenge with exactly that

What I did was break up the digits into a list of triplets
123456789 -> [[1,2,3],[4,5,6],[7,8,9]]
Each group [1,2,3] has its own unit quantifier (thousand, million, billion...) that I put into a list:

vector<string> unit_quantifier = {
    ""        , // first triplet is blank because 'hundred' is a special case
    "million" ,
    "billion" ,

Since [1,2,3] is the third triplet in this example, that matches the unit_quantifier's third item: "million"

My general algorithm was this:

    1. Break the big number up into groups of 3
        a. numbers missing get replaced with 0: `1002`->`[0,0,1],[0,0,2]`
    2. Print the biggest triplet first, down to the smaller ones
        a. print the digits first
        b. followed by its unit quantifier
    3. Repeat 2 until you have printed the entire number
Wildest programming language idea
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a language made up of emojis

weird bug
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Is this happening in a particular repl?
Is it happening in a console?