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"You can never trust random quotes on the internet." ~ Abraham Lincoln, 1945, just before the conquest of the Byzantine Empire.
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This is a really great start! It is very advanced indeed, however, I would change the styling a bit, maybe move away from Times New Roman and choose a more modern font. Also, you may want to change your color scheme, it is a bit too basic. I’ll link some resources below:

Color schemes:

For coolors.co, just click “Generate” in the top right. They will walk you through it.
For Google Fonts, click the font you want, then click embed, and finally, copy the code you want.

Finally, try not to inline your CSS and JavaScript; just put them in separate files and link the files up to one another.

Hope this helps!

[ GAME ] Switcheroo
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Another amazing game by Coder100!

Because I gave you praise you must now thank me by giving me 100 cycles

I love your games!

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@rediar VERY COOL! It would take a miracle for me to make this lol.

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@VulcanWM Anytime! :)

My first program
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Good start! I hope you build on your knowledge of coding!

A chaotic generator that makes the funniest (and occasionally cringe) sentences
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I...no. Please don't.

4 languages that can kill themselves
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Nice! Also congrats on 3,000 cycles! Time to take a chunk of yours...

Moral of the Story | Episode 5 - STOP ANIMATION
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I have an idea!

Never hold a very important video conference while your area is under a hurricane warning

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Hi there! Unfortunately, if you have the free plan, there is nothing you can do. If you have the hacker plan, though(7 dollars/month), you can make your projects private so people can't steal them. Finally, if people are stealing your code, please report it to moderators like zavexeon, 21natzil, and mat1!

Hope it helps,

HTTP Server Library in C++
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Woah. This is cool, great job! I did t know that you could do this with c++.


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@DynamicSquid I agree, I turn a corner and nearly fall out of my chair because the eggs are waiting for me

Maths Test
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yey 52

Great program! Might i suggest adding a time limit?

pls help
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You would want to post this on the Ask Board with more details (what you want it to do, what it is doing, etc.) to get help.

another random question
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@Coder100 Adding onto this, he has 2 repl.it profiles: Zwork101 (inactive) and 21natzil (active), also his discord is Zwack010#0001. He's nice enough and a good community manager.

PSA: You should sanitize user input
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Prominent User AdCharity Arrested For Profanity

Yesterday, AdCharity, with 772 cycles at the time of writing, was arrested by fellow user TaylorLiang, with 496 cycles at the time of writing. He had used the c-word(profane expression for fecal matter). He is currently not in custody.

I need help for my 500 cycle special
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@DynamicSquid from that list, name it FEEEOOOOOOOOOOP

Would anyone like to do a python story game with me?
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@bigchungusmc you can make a repl and ill show you how to set up an active disscussion

Would anyone like to do a python story game with me?
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@bigchungusmc Can you invite me? I will be on in a bit :)

Would anyone like to do a python story game with me?
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I'd love to help with writing!

[ GAME ] Switcheroo
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@Coder100 LOL!! You're welcome, you deserve it.

SchoolRoom [Beta Phase] - Incomplete
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@SchoolRoomTeam I see, however, the mods may unlist it for being blank. Try adding more code before you post.

BrainF Advanced Tutorial
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BrainF*** is a very fun and intuitive language.

Mx. Spice, you have a brain of steel. Take my upvote.

Give me some funny ways to die (it's for a new game)
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Trying BrainF.
Eating a poisoned tomato pie.
Dying from not using the bathroom when you were in a bathroom.
Baking yourself for Thanksgiving instead of your turkey.
A giant orchid ate you alive.
You ignored that chain mail.
Almost eaten by a panther, who was then killed by a tiger who tried to eat you, who was then killed by an elephant that left you alone, but in the end, you died of thirst.

Can u beet da computr?
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This has potential to become something good! Keep working on it!

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Yay! Great!

!!100 CYCLES!!
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Congratulations! Can't wait to see what else you make!

Notas de Turma
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Hi there, this looks like a really nice project but as per Repl Talk guidelines, your descriptions should be in English.