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p3ArtSchool teaches Geometry Pattern. You can learn Art, Python3 programing, & Mathematic.
What is the language you recommend the most? Why do you recommend it??
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Python 3.7 is the language I recommend the most.
python + matplotlib + shapely is best for static graphics
python + svgwrite + shapely + HTML5 SVG is best for vector animation graphics

Bug report --> about Matplotlib runtime
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@Coder100 Thank you. That works.

Can not create project
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I found that Existing Repl Template can NOT be used.
I found that New Repl Template still works correct. But it is very inconvenient to use this method.

Tower of Hanoi animation (7 disks)
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@ebest Tim ask me to joy the game jam.
He says "Your Hanoi animation is awesome. You must joy it to game jam"
So, it were there. Indeed, I still think it is the best and neat version of Hanoi animation.
Do you agree?

Tower of Hanoi animation (7 disks)
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@ebest This is not a game.

New Feature: Folders for your Repls

the 3-dots-menu move repl to folder NOT work now
in a folder +new repl will NOT put new repl at current folder

save file in folder
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Thank you mat

👋✨Introduce yourself 🎉😀
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Hello All, I am a teacher. I teach python at senior high school. I put all my teaching stuff on After six hours worm up on past three weeks, today students try to code their first Program. The results is not good. I am frustrated. ---