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p3ArtSchool teaches Geometry Pattern. You can learn Art, Python3 programing, & Mathematic.
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Tower of Hanoi animation (7 disks)
💢HTM5 SVG animation is here💢 [tools : python 3.61 + svgwrite 1.21] Tower of Hanoi is a famous...
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click files, then click runner.gif to view the animation adjust screen size smaller to get correct display ratio #------------------------------------...
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Tower of Hanoi (HTML5 animation)
tools: web python 3.6 + svgwrite 1.2 file format: HTML5 svg div
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"Export CSV" action on the Student Overview
After an hour, I do not see the email send in my email box.
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save file in folder
I create a folder named motif. plt.savefig('motif\file01.png', format="png", dpi=72) or plt.savefig('.\motif\file01.png', format="png", dpi=72) Will...
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Run icon not work correctly
Normal --> after click run icon, it will change to stop icon wile code is running. Not Normal --> after click run icon , it quickly back to run agai...
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Black and white circles
![coaster-photo]( ![coaster-photo](
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Geometry Pattern from Alhambra palace
# ![10_cut]( tool: python 3, matplotlib, shape...