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How to add classes in Java?
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you can add a class in java by creating a separate java file and with the class you want to import in it. Then simply call the class it does not require the import function.
Here is an example:

Why I can't run my second file
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that is because multible files are designed to be object oriented
you can run the other file by turning it into a class or function and importing it with the import command

or you could add this to

import os

3 line calculator
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did you try

while True: print(eval(input("Type your Calculations: ")))

should work in one line

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sweet could you paste the link please

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makes me sad stuff like this doesn't have more upvotes.

How overly ambitious would it be to create a social media site using's editor?
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Totally possible. Could try firebase to hold all the data.

How import java.swing and java.awt
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this may be a long shot, but have you tried creating an applet and embedding the applet in a html/css/javascript repl

Is there a way to become root on here?
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the closest Ive come is

Assembly Viewer
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here is an example url you can try: IRL
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one script prints hello world in python perl and c

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there were a couple errors here they are fixed. good program.

CREATE Your Future: A Choose Your Own Path Game!
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Best ascii art Ive seen in a while. good job

ZombieHordeFight V.3
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@jimxin2595 The game is pretty good have you considered putting the minions in a list that way every time the minion spell is cast you could just add a minion to the list.

Is there any support of perl ?
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you can use this to run perl but it is limited. I don't know perl so youll have to tell me how much so

or if your feeling really smart you could use the linux console again I don't know how much perl it lets you run it allowed me to print hello world though

Python3's Tkinter
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I had the same problem of not being able to run Tkinter online, but I eventually bought a raspberry pi and they support Tkinter out of the box

How do you pronounce
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I say Read, Eval, Print, Loop, every time

Ebay scraper
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meme bot, uses web crawling to make memes
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@richtan: Thanks I'm glad you like it. If I remember right your bot isn't too bad either. I think I upvoted.

meme bot, uses web crawling to make memes
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@mcko7304: Thanks I love feedback. especially when its good ;-)

HackerTyper Bot
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@mohanadalaas: don't be like that. You should let your code speak for itself. I get you are excited about your work but it wouldn't hurt to slow down a little

Dictionary Bot
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@ashtro4: Thanks glad you like it

Dictionary Bot
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@darkceptor44: &APOS is a html safety thing that prevents cross side scripting however whenever there is an apostrophe in a response it will show up as &APOS. So since this bot isn't really vulnerable to cross side scripting I replaced &APOS with an apostrophe to make a better user experience. The syntax looks a little funky however it is just a piece of code that means replace &APOS with an apostrophe

image encrypt (Stegongraphy)
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@arvinsingh1: sorry the file upload is for getting the text out of an image