; Now let’s formalize the process in terms of procedures. We start with a value for the radicand (the number whose square root we are trying to compute) and a value for the guess. If the guess is good enough for our purposes, we are done; if not, we must repeat the process with an improved guess. We write this basic strategy as a procedure:

(define (improve guess x)
  (average guess (/ x guess)))

(define (average x y)
  (/ (+ x y) 2))

(define (square x)
  (* x x))

(define (good-enough? guess x)
  (< (abs (- (square guess) x)) 0.001))

(define (sqrt-iter guess x)
  (if (good-enough? guess x)
      ; return guess
      ; otherwise
      (sqrt-iter (improve guess x) x

(define (sqrt x)
  (sqrt-iter 1.0 x))

(sqrt 9)
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