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I love noodles! JS, Py coder, learning rust. I occasionally help random people on the interwebs. Discord: prussia#5256
I made a TTS with my Voice
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Vandesm, you owe me 50 bucks for losing the bet we had about whether or not covid-19 would last until september. Btw, if you dont remember the bet I have audio recording, dm me on discord for that.

Cactus Website in 25 minutes
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New design -- pog or cringe?
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dont like run button, but can live with it, important thing is SITE WIDE DARK THEME and also custom editor themes would be super poggers

██ Empty ██
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This would impress any life long philosopher, and I nominate it for winning the game jam. It is a deep touching existential journey, exploring the mysteries of life. It makes you think, really think. Unlike most other games, it makes the player appreciate the beauty and majesty. The green is truly a subtle, but awe inspiring metaphor of how gray times can change for the good. The blackness represents how clueless we really are when it comes to what life really means, it’s ups and downs. For some it’s scary at times, for others, it is a curious thing. Even the name of the game is deeply touching, symbolizing the ultimate meaning.
This game is shaking to the core. It is a revolution for the gaming industry, and should win the game jam.
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Tips for BGJG2 from last year's winner
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@realTronsi sponsered by repl.it, and has great prizes. check website of the jam for more info.

BramJam Game Jam 2! #BJGJBoo
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@DynamicSquid hire friends or make them yourself

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yes css can be improved, also nice job cool

Amjad is Eminem. There is proof.
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That seems pretty far fetched. Amjad is about as real as Canada, which is to say, completely MADE UP! It's all a hoax. How can Enimem be Amjad is Amjad is non-existent?
Counter Arguments:
1. Amjad posts all the time on Repl.it
2. Kognise has met Amjad before
3. There's lots of photos of him grilling steaks or whatever on social media!

1. Posts are actually mat experimenting with his repl talk bot
2. Kognise was actually meeting with Eminem
3. The person in those photos is actually a realistic puppet, and the social media accounts posting these images are controlled by beef companies, like Tyson.

Replol (Google)
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add repldex lol

Monthly Repls - September 2020

Also good job csharp on volantos

BramJam Game Jam #1 Results!
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Repl Talk Stats (with charts) (and also a comment searcher)
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Do it in PST and I’ll maybe upvote

Python3 interpreter
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@CSharpIsGud why do things like this get so many upvotes compared to comments that actually contain a thought.
PS: sorry, but seriosuly you could just not upvote it and move on. This joke has been abused a bit too much though.

Can you put an if statement inside an if statement?
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Yes, like this:

koalas = True
if koalas:
  if "hello" == "hello":
    print("Hello world")

You can theoretically nest an infinite number of if statements in another if statement.
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Hahachat Release Date
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Bruteforce Password Guesser (I'm back)
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@AmazingMech2418 Keep in mind this isn't the most efficient or fastest password cracker, meaning don't use that password lol

Repl Talk Rules and Guidelines [README]
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Yay! New rules.

Wildest programming language idea
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@SixBeeps decent non-english programming languages are severly lacking... you should go for it

Running Searx on Repl.it
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Bruh what? You just copied the fricking code lol.

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because bash @PDanielY

██ Empty 2 (⚠️warning: this one is super cool) ██
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The stark contrast between the @mat1 at and @eankeen ‘s versions of Empty are clear, but we are reminded no matter how different they may seem, we are reminded the core message remains the same, the takeaway of life the ups and the downs, the symbolizing blacks. The revolutionary new text that @eankeen has discovered that there are many ways to represent the mysterious meaning.... This is a remarkable breakthrough that brings tears to the eye. However, his offensive comments against the yen is not appreciated.

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Text Battle Royale
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Pls who weapon stats when found

Introducing Replpedia
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@replpedia repldex

Introducing Replpedia
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"The ReplDex is another attempt at cataloging repl.it, which is, for the most part, successful. However, @Minx28 does not add editors, resulting in the information being under his control. It has a Discord interface on the repl.it Discord, and has some objective facts, and some non-objective ones."
Lmao we have like 20 editors or something...
Anyways, nice job!

How to make a program that, once closed, opens another window?
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make a windows batch file.

@echo off

will shut down their computer when the file is run. Please upvote if this was helpful!

📈 The Stonk Exchange 📉
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Very fun and probably addictive. Also the best discord bot I have seen in a while. I will be asking the FDA to investigate.

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JS is already pretty easy for the most part though, how will VEC make it easier? Is it drag and drop? Is it syntaxy like python?

Hiring a Coding Interface Designer
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I still haven’t figured out the jobs terminal.... maybe that’s the first test.