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What Are Cycles?
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i think its like reddit karma but in repl

2048 (In Python Console)
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i had a 1024, 512, 256, 128, 64, 32, 16, 8 , 4 and two 2's on screen when i died... does that still count?

What language?
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python, because you can make a lot of useful things

Unindent error
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on everywhere else you use tabs but on lines 351 to 362 you use spaces to indent.
replace the spaces with tabs and it should work

Maze game
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very nice but when you refresh the page your score is gone and all there is are the ones you set yourself while testing

Default name challenge
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i got SweetSentimentalGames

Dragon Eye RPG
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at the first battle how do i attack?

find if a user spams (or try to)
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import random as rnd

while True:

No Attribute to turtle.pen()
posted to Ask by RYANGUO1

if you are trying to make the turtle called t you need to type t = turtle.Turtle()

July Competition: Create Multiplayer Games
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i can imagine the game shown above being very competitive with friends