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@stacksonstack (10) • LaGuardia Community College, Long Island City
I'm a Programming & Systems Major and work as a Student Affairs Ambassador in the marketing department at LAGCC
LOG-IN Page for website (GIVE ME NEW IDEAS?!)
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pretty neat!

Excuse Generator
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Very cool!

Card Matching Game! Fully animated
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Super proud!! Can't wait to finish the final project! ^-^

ladies & gentlemen.. the beatles(QUIZ) !
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Very cool! I like how it looks :)

Beatles Fan Page (Give Me Design Tips/Suggestions Please!)
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Yes! Thank you !! ^-^@hayaodeh

This is a game of street craps
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when you bet more than the amount that you have the game ends maybe add a loop that allows the user to enter re enter the bet until they enter a bet that is less than or equal to the amount they have