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The most complicated "hello world" program in a single line
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1810 bytes just to print "hello":

x=list(str(sum([*map(lambda x:sum([*map(int,(bin(ord(x))[2:]))]),'hello world!')])*(1<<1|1)));y=x[9//2//(9//2)];x[654**0<<1]=x[3>>1];x[(10^1)&1]=eval(chr(ord('Y')+(2<<4)),locals());x=__import__('htam'[::~0]).sqrt(int('abc'[:8*(2>>3)].join(x)));x=int(x//4*(2<<2>>1))+[~~(1&1&1&1&1&1&1)][0];x*=len(hex(3735928559)[[*[2<<1>>1]][0]:]);print(chr(x),file=getattr(__import__(chr(ord('S')+(2<<4))+'y'+chr(ord('t')-1)),'stdout'),end='');x=str(6+(2&3^2&3))+[*map(str,[*[int(str(6))+(6//2)]])][0];y=int((int(x)|[*[4*((34^34)|1<<3)]][0]));i=sum([*[*[*[y if ~((int(x)*c)>y) else 0 for c in range(5^5,int(str(10)*2,base=2<<1>>1),5%2)]]]]);i=int(str(i)[:~0]);z=getattr(__import__(chr(int('12'[:5&abs(~0)]*(1<<1|1)))+chr(i+(1<<2|1<<1|1)+int(hex(7)[2:],base=16))),'sys');getattr(z,'stdo'+chr(10**(1<<1)+(8*9-(7*9)+8))+chr(10**(1<<1)+(8*9-(7*9)+7))).write.__call__(chr(i));d={'ba'+[*[chr(ord('S')+(2<<4))]][0]+chr(int(bin(5)[2:])):2};x=ord(getattr(__builtins__,'ch'+chr(ord('R')+[*[2<<4]][0])).__call__(ord('0')+(2<<(int(str(ord('e')),**d))-(2<<1))));x=eval(compile('x','','eval'),globals())*(eval(type(5).__name__)(chr(eval(compile('x','','eval'),globals()))));x=int(x-(round.__call__(x//((7>>1)&2),-1)));a={'end':'end'[:2-(~~2)]};print(chr(x)*2,**{**a,**{'file':getattr(__import__(chr(ord('S')+((2<<5)//2))+chr(ord('n')+int(str(10)*2,base=2)+5%2)+chr(ord('S')+((2<<5)//2))),'_'*2+'stdo'+'u'+chr(ord('n')-ord('n')+ord('t'))+'_'*2)}});x=str(ord.__call__(chr(ord('0')+(2<<(int(str(ord('e')),base=2)%2+eval('~'*5+chr(48))))))*(1<<(5&(1<<0))));x=eval('__builtins__.__dict__')['chr'].__call__(int(x)+int(x[:[*[(5&1&1&1)+1]][0]])+int(x[:[*[1]][0]]));d={};print(x,file=getattr(eval('s',d) if not exec('import '+ord('y').__getattribute__('__repr__').__call__().replace('1','s').replace('2','y')+';s=sys',d) else None,'stdout'),end='');

Try it online!

Human Worth Calculator
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@TaylorLiang what do you mean? on the dark web people go for, like, $20!

Slime Text Game
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How smart are you?
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@Uzalii 69/10

How smart are you?
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@Uzalii i got e/10

*REAL* Social Media Site!
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you should make it so people can create categories but still name their posts different things, and make a post without a video or image

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@TaylorLiang code golf is my favorite sport

Will you die to Covid-19
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It asks your age then asks if you are over 60 when it could just calculate that itself

Pi day!
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Great design! we need 31 upvotes

How smart are you?
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If some one could help when i am offline.And that i can trust.
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$ cat test.c
void main(void) {
    lang c# = good;
$ gcc -o test test.c
$ ./test
Error: invalid value 'good' for language 'c#'
Give me your problems!
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@Haaruun my favorite case is ___uGLy___caSE___

Switch / Case in Python
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Nice! I like how you made it so smooth and Pythonic!

At Home Students Code Jam
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@SixBeeps you're 6th if you count from 0

Adventure Game
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You stay still, the tiger is not stupid, it attacks you. Great game!

Give me your problems!
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@Vandesm14 What is the difference between GIRAFFECASE and UPPERCASE?

What is AMA?
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third (possibly surprisingly, possibly not)

3D RPG Text Adventure (no .. really, I promise: 3D)
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@MrEconomical agreed. This is amazing!

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@IsackSan hacking is not nice

Chess Online-Early Beta
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When I type self encrypt and put in my password it gives me an error saying that eval arg 1 should be a string, bytes, or code object.

Zork 2.0
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Cool, more Zork! Are you able to beat your own game yet?

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Great app! Little tip, though: instead of using while True: time.sleep(0.0001) to keep the app alive, use while True: pass to prevent slowing down the app.

The Basics of x86
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@amasad thanks a lot for the badge! Glad you liked my tutorial!

The Basics of x86
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Chat Filter
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@ArjunSharma5 ok. you should filter it a little though: right now i think it would censor Nazi Germany fought in World War II.

B-Tech Zork (Can you get the treasure)
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nice, i love zork

Alien Talk
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Alien Talk
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@TaylorLiang f-strings. They are like template strings in js, and they are shorter: f'Hello, {name}!' vs f'Hello, {}'.format(name).