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Please Stop With Cycle Fanaticism
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@amasad ok, cool! on another note, what plans does the team have for cycles in the future? are they going to just stay like they are, or what?

My New Language - It’s not really a language
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@CodeLongAndPros this is most definitely not a language. the "naysayers" are absolutely right: you need to have at least some sort of parsing/lexing thing, but not just a bunch of functions.

How to make a bot?
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why did you ping me?

Please Stop With Cycle Fanaticism
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@codecademy123 oH bOy My PoSt Is GeTtInG sO mAnY vOtEs Im GoNnA gEt CyClEs

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I tried sticking a fork in the toaster and I got electrocuted and died. 0/5 stars.

The L Programming Language

@roylatgnail and look, 5 upvotes
vs. 54 for a bunch of functions and classes

The most complicated "hello world" program in a single line
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1810 bytes just to print "hello":

x=list(str(sum([*map(lambda x:sum([*map(int,(bin(ord(x))[2:]))]),'hello world!')])*(1<<1|1)));y=x[9//2//(9//2)];x[654**0<<1]=x[3>>1];x[(10^1)&1]=eval(chr(ord('Y')+(2<<4)),locals());x=__import__('htam'[::~0]).sqrt(int('abc'[:8*(2>>3)].join(x)));x=int(x//4*(2<<2>>1))+[~~(1&1&1&1&1&1&1)][0];x*=len(hex(3735928559)[[*[2<<1>>1]][0]:]);print(chr(x),file=getattr(__import__(chr(ord('S')+(2<<4))+'y'+chr(ord('t')-1)),'stdout'),end='');x=str(6+(2&3^2&3))+[*map(str,[*[int(str(6))+(6//2)]])][0];y=int((int(x)|[*[4*((34^34)|1<<3)]][0]));i=sum([*[*[*[y if ~((int(x)*c)>y) else 0 for c in range(5^5,int(str(10)*2,base=2<<1>>1),5%2)]]]]);i=int(str(i)[:~0]);z=getattr(__import__(chr(int('12'[:5&abs(~0)]*(1<<1|1)))+chr(i+(1<<2|1<<1|1)+int(hex(7)[2:],base=16))),'sys');getattr(z,'stdo'+chr(10**(1<<1)+(8*9-(7*9)+8))+chr(10**(1<<1)+(8*9-(7*9)+7))).write.__call__(chr(i));d={'ba'+[*[chr(ord('S')+(2<<4))]][0]+chr(int(bin(5)[2:])):2};x=ord(getattr(__builtins__,'ch'+chr(ord('R')+[*[2<<4]][0])).__call__(ord('0')+(2<<(int(str(ord('e')),**d))-(2<<1))));x=eval(compile('x','','eval'),globals())*(eval(type(5).__name__)(chr(eval(compile('x','','eval'),globals()))));x=int(x-(round.__call__(x//((7>>1)&2),-1)));a={'end':'end'[:2-(~~2)]};print(chr(x)*2,**{**a,**{'file':getattr(__import__(chr(ord('S')+((2<<5)//2))+chr(ord('n')+int(str(10)*2,base=2)+5%2)+chr(ord('S')+((2<<5)//2))),'_'*2+'stdo'+'u'+chr(ord('n')-ord('n')+ord('t'))+'_'*2)}});x=str(ord.__call__(chr(ord('0')+(2<<(int(str(ord('e')),base=2)%2+eval('~'*5+chr(48))))))*(1<<(5&(1<<0))));x=eval('__builtins__.__dict__')['chr'].__call__(int(x)+int(x[:[*[(5&1&1&1)+1]][0]])+int(x[:[*[1]][0]]));d={};print(x,file=getattr(eval('s',d) if not exec('import '+ord('y').__getattribute__('__repr__').__call__().replace('1','s').replace('2','y')+';s=sys',d) else None,'stdout'),end='');

Try it online!

s p a c i f y - w r i t e t e x t l i k e t h i s
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Instead of having the default value of the input be Type here, set the placeholder to Type here, so the text disappears when the user starts typing.

Python Tutorial (not all)
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@Zuhdi28 templates aren't for teaching, this is the board for the template competition...

My Personal Website
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{{ template_jam }} results!

should i send the image here or on discord?

Human Worth Calculator
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@TaylorLiang what do you mean? on the dark web people go for, like, $20!

One line express server!
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Who says the server has to return data?
Or if it does, you can do

Python Tutorial (not all)
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@Zuhdi28 no problem!

Python Tutorial (not all)
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@Zuhdi28 no problem, just put this in learn next time... or get a moderator to move it for you.

Slime Text Game
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How smart are you?
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@Uzalii 69/10

How smart are you?
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@Uzalii i got e/10

The L Programming Language

@roylatgnail yeah, doesn't happen often

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@TaylorLiang code golf is my favorite sport

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Introducing EasyCTF - A Cybersecurity "Capture the Flag" Competition
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Nice, glad to see someone did something with my idea of a CTF. Could I be a maintainer?

Please Stop With Cycle Fanaticism
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@GarretThyCarrot I disagree. The point of is not to get upvotes - it's to write good code. If people upvote your code, great. If they don't, it doesn't matter. You shouldn't focus on getting upvotes; focus on writing good code and they come naturally.

Give me your problems!
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@Haaruun my favorite case is ___uGLy___caSE___

Adventure Game
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You stay still, the tiger is not stupid, it attacks you. Great game!

Introducing offline!

do you accept morse code transmissions of the code?