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Python3 interpreter
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@CaseyMoreau nice stolen joke

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|    █ |
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A Text Editor in the C++ Console
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Also i really like how you can just type c [name] rather than c then name in another input. Can't tell if that was intended

Minecraft WebGL Project Core
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The quality of the textures is a little disappointing. Make sure that when you're resizing the images you're doing it with a point filter or whatever it's called. Makes it so it doesn't fade. I have no clue what the WebGL code is for it though.

[WARNING: ONE LINE POST] Code Golf: 99 Bottles (JS: 182 bytes)
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Tried my best but couldn't do better, here's the code if you want, it sucks

for(i=99;i>0;i--)console.log(`${s=`${i} bottle${i>1?"s":""}`} of beer on the wall, ${s} of beer.\nTake one down, pass it around, ${i>1?s=`${i - 1} bottle${i>1?"s":""}`:"no more bottles"} of beer on the wall.`)
A Text Editor in the C++ Console
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Slight problem, read only mode doesn't make new lines :/

Slowprinting in LUA
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I recreated the same effect in my text-based C# game. :P

Code Clicker - Incremental Idle Game
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Hey, index.html line 70 end the comment.
Edit: line 71
Edit 2: line 53, geez

An h3 tag broke our code
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Probably something to do with the position of the tag.

Simple OS: A simple OS!
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@Vandesm14 just checked and yeah, he even commented lol

Node ChatRoom
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@Vandesm14 Oh, makes sense

Internet system
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Use print("\x1B[2J") rather than importing replit. it seems to have broken :/

Node ChatRoom
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@AdCharity The storage isn't only text. I think they also count server activity in storage, because there's no way I've typed 25000000 bytes of data...

Node ChatRoom
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@RohilPatel I honestly don't remember.

My RPG Game made in lua (Luagame)
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Sir, when you get a game over screen your health doesn't reset. When I start a new game, I start with negative HP in fights. Can't play the game a second time.

Gravity Simulator
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yo i just made a binary figure 8 :O